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How and when to enter a feeding up to the children inclined to food allergy? We learned

In the previous articles how to prevent emergence and development of an allergy in the child and what to do if all of you suspect presence at your kid of food allergy. In this article we will consider not less important and serious problem, namely, introduction of a feeding up to the children inclined to allergic reactions.

Early introduction of a feeding up, with high probability, can cause emergence and development of an allergy as the gastrointestinal tract of the kid is not able to cope with the food other than breast milk yet. Also, at the same time intensity of sucking decreases that leads to reduction of a lactation. The optimum age for introduction of a feeding up is defined individually, and depends on on what feeding, chest, artificial or mixed there is a child as quickly he gains weight whether it has a tendency to emergence of allergic reactions etc.

On average, the recommended age for introduction of a feeding up - 5 - 6 months. Of course, in each case it is solved individually, depending on features of the child, but there are general rules and recommendations which have to be considered almost anyway.

1. To enter a feeding up it is possible to begin only if the child is completely healthy and it has no new attacks of an allergy.

2. It is better to begin introduction of a feeding up to cool weather.

3. It is impossible to begin to lure the child along with carrying out preventive inoculations.

4. Observe terms of introduction of various products, their quantity and intervals between feedings.

5. Do not forget that if the kid is on the artificial or mixed feeding, it is necessary to dopaivat in addition it water.

6. The feeding up needs to be given from a spoon, but not from a small bottle.

7. Begin to give a new product to the child in small quantity, gradually increasing it to age norm. It can take 7 - 9 days. At the same time constantly estimate the general condition and health of the child. If you notice symptoms of an allergy, refuse addition in a diet of this product.

8. You do not enter a new product earlier than in 6 - 8 days after the beginning of introduction previous as on that the organism of the child got used to new food, time is necessary.

9. Over time change a consistence of products to firmer that the gastrointestinal tract of the child gradually adapted to work.

As the first feeding up white or green vegetables vegetable puree, for example, from a cauliflower perfectly will approach. It is gradually possible to add some vegetable marrows puree, usual cabbage, carrots, peas.

Approximately since eight months it is possible to begin to enter fruit purees, best of all made of the fruit having yellow or green coloring. Try to begin a feeding up with apple puree, gradually adding some mashed potatoes from a pear, a peach, plum.

Not earlier, than from 7 - 8 months it is possible to try to enter rice porridge as the most hypoallergenic. It is desirable to cook it on the decanted milk or on water. After rice porridge add buckwheat and corn porridges to the child`s diet, constantly controlling his condition and lack of allergic reactions. Cream of wheat is contraindicated about one year.

Various juice should be entered into the last turn as they will not bring any noticeable benefit to the child, but often cause emergence of an allergy and, therefore, a problem in work of a gastrointestinal tract. It is the best of all to begin with the apple juice diluted with boiled water. Later it is possible to add pear and plum juice.

If, despite all your efforts, you notice that the condition of the child does not improve and the allergy does not pass, see the allergologist, it is possible that the child of insufficiently hypoallergenic diet and needs more serious treatment.]