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How to reveal and cure food allergy at the child?

In the previous article we answered a question how to prevent emergence and development of an allergy in the child. Now we will consider the questions arising at each mother who faced a similar problem: what to do if you suspect presence at your child of food allergy what to begin inspection with and how to treat an allergy?

First of all, it is necessary to ask for the help the doctor who will examine the child, will analyse his and your diet, will appoint necessary analyses for identification of food allergens. However you should not hope for results of similar analyses as often they do not allow to establish the allergy reason at absolutely small children especially.

Treatment consists in avoiding of contact with those products which cause an allergy. But it is quite difficult to make it as almost any product can become the reason of emergence of allergic reaction.

At first the hypoallergenic diet which excludes the products which were already causing allergic reactions in the child and also products which most often lead to developing of an allergy at most of children is formed.

Treat such obviously allergenic products:

- cow`s milk;

- eggs;

- mushrooms;

- chocolate, cocoa;

- honey, nuts;

- vegetables and fruit of orange and red shades;

- fish and other seafood.

All above-mentioned allergens need to be excluded completely from a diet of the kid at the age of one - two years. Besides, remember several simple recommendations which will help you with fight against allergic diseases.

1. After thermal treatment products become less allergenic of - for the fact that proteins, though partially collapse.

2. Any home-made canned food is categorically contraindicated to small children as they contain vinegar, sugar and salt that is very harmful to the kid.

3. Healthy food is not only what is eaten by the child, but also that how many and as often he eats. Food should not be monotonous, it is necessary to watch that the kid ate is balanced and is full. Replace everything dangerous products on hypoallergenic, corresponding on the nutritious properties to the products excluded from a diet.

If the kid is on the artificial or mixed feeding, the situation when the allergy at it develops from - for intolerance of milk protein is especially dangerous. In this case it is possible to try to replace breast milk with mixes on a soy basis which now great variety. But, unfortunately, recently, the situation when at the kid the intolerance of protein of soy comes to light often meets.

In such cases special mixes, proteinaceous hydrolyzates in which protein is split on small components come to the rescue, its absorption improves at the expense of what emergence of allergic reaction becomes impossible or improbable as in mix the level of content of allergens decreases.

Use of similar mixes helps to prevent many problems which can appear in the future, such as emergence and development of more serious and serious allergic illness. Most important it for the child who has genetic predisposition to allergic reactions as thanks to it at the kid the probability of emergence of an allergy to usual mix from cow`s milk increases.

In the following article we will try to find out how and when the children inclined to an allergy should enter a feeding up.]