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With what we enter in 2008, or We do not send to Tempora mutantur et nos mutantur in illis

greeting cards for New year any more - we send them e-mail. Sitting in Moscow or Babruysk, we speak with the relative in Australia and we see him alive on the screen. We drive the car and we receive funny instructions from the navigator: “ Dump gas - ahead the skunk with a radar “ or “ The Numskull, now the left turn, you will designate? “. We program the coffee maker at 7 in the morning in the mode frapuchino or a cappuccino. We open doors not keys, but a sound signal. In shops and restaurants we pay off not with money, and plastic. We start remotely the car, still “ frishtiky “ in a bed. Our TVs became flat as a flounder, and from bedside tables moved to walls (And there Galkin - Galkin - Galkin! - wall-paper!) . Screens become more and more, and mobile phones less. It is more and more account, wallets are thinner and thinner at the expense of plastic cards.

Our children and grandsons play not dolls, and computer games. They were born already with a mouse in a hand and in earphones. They photograph the phones, and cameras play games. Wire telecommunication at us developed and will successfully die in the face of the same generation.

My children`s squash was cooked at first on the paraffin stove, then on a kerosene stove, and now I cook porridge to the granddaughter on a programmable plate without any torches, with the self-cleaning mode. I forgot for what the broom is necessary. And that time when the heavy vacuum cleaner needed most to be dragged on the apartment. Now I program the bug at 8 in the morning and exactly at 8 in the morning it begins to creep on the apartment and to do the dirty serious work. To the last mote.

Readers more young already, for certain, will not describe how the washing board or a roll for washing looks. We got used that the profession of the laundress, presser, a floor polisher disappeared. We got used that in the yards linen ropes with the starched blued sheets on which the beautiful heroine " rose on heaven are not tense; Hundred years of loneliness “ Marquez. We do not wash the dishes hands - fi! Not imperial this business! We do not pay for utilities, having stood turn in savings bank - we do it on the Internet. (But is more and more expensive).

Before our eyes fell and again churches were erected. We still remember how we hid the crosses worn on the neck and secretly christened our children. And today the first Party members and gebeshnik, in once forbidden wedding rings and in indispensable rolleksa, the first face ambons. We already almost forgot that for a trip the abroad it was necessary to get approval and the characteristic from Komsomol, trade-union and party meeting and to pass interview in a district committee of party. With submission of the reference from a psikhdispanser. And now in Cyprus you will hear the Russian speech more often than Greek or Turkish. Oh, and what! And here to you still, from experience:

To Haiti around Punt Kana there is the well-known reserve of coral reeves and a live underwater zoo: the surrounded part of the sea where on a scope in the water open-air cage huge sharks and ten-meter slopes frolic. On the boat with a glass bottom of tourists will give a ride over reeves - admire, and then give masks and aqualungs and good swimmers decide on a throw to a zoo. You swim among sea monsters there, even you manage to touch smooth sides of sharks and rough wings of a slope. As it is pleasant suddenly in the middle of the ocean to hear a three-stage great and mighty Russian mat in blessed waters of the rebellious Caribbean Region - novokhopersky boys frolic and as they are able, on the mother, express the delight from communication with sea wild beasts. And still charm what: in the Sydney national reserve on a wooden small bench it is scratched: “f-ck Yu“!

Russian changed so that foreign loans are already perceived as primordially Russian and even serve as material for the Russian slang: new cockroaches in software are the former cockroaches in the head, and brand new taken roots “ Sex your mother! “ sounds is much more modern, than native habitual.

Ourselves changed, our speech, our clothes, food, drink. (If something also remained from old, then it something what not to explain and to translate into any language. It seems: old New year... (?!) I tried to explain to the familiar American why in Russia a half of January - day off. About the Russian Christmas she something understood that, type, again not all as at people, but that New year happens old, was not to punch. Brake). We mutated so that psychologists even set to us landmarks for orientation that we not somewhere in interspace, being buggy, dangle and that is with us everything is OK and we passed in 2008 and already we are in it two legs.

Yes, dear reader, you already in 2008, if:

1 - you gather the pin - number on a microwave

2 - you did not play several years cards cards from a pack

3 - you have 15 phone numbers of family members from 3 people

4 - you write imeyl to the employee sitting at the next table

5 - the reason for which you do not communicate with friends or relatives - absence at you their imeyl

6 - you stop by at the home garage and call by the mobile phone home to call someone from house to help you to bring in the house of purchase

7 - you fall into deep panic if left at home a mobile phone which at you was not in life at least 30 - 50 years before

8 - you rise in the morning and leave online before drink the first cup of the

10 coffee - you incline the head on one side if you want to represent a smile - here so:-)

11 - you read it, according to nod and neigh

12 - and it is even worse than that: you already precisely know to whom you will immediately send it on ICQ

13 - you are too busy to notice that point 9 is absent in my

14 list - you just jumped upward that to be convinced of it. There was a business?

Here such we came in 2008 a new era. And tell a mine that it is bad? With an old New Reptile of the Rat, year of a computer mouse and new all of cockroaches in software.]