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How to write the letter of happiness?

Hi, dear friend!

Allow me to ask you, how are you? you Can not answer, I already know what is bad. And for this reason today, together with obtaining this letter, I give you a unique opportunity to completely change the life. But in what party you will change it, depends only on you. To change the life to the best, you need to do nothing at all.

You just have to build the house, plant a tree and give birth to the son. Besides on Friday, 13 - go numbers, exactly at midnight you need to go to a cemetery and to pray separately near each mogilka for each deceased. On a way back you have to meet 10 disadvantaged and to distribute to each of them 10 thousand rubles, on a roll of white loaf and on two disposable glasses.

If on the way home to you also stray dogs or cats meet, distribute to everyone on a piece of sausage, and it is the best of all than the dogs met by you and take away cats home. Next day since morning you have to go to any bank and transfer the small sum of money to the account of the starving children of Africa.

After that you will need to go to any underground passage and to sing there till late evening; distribute money which you will gain for singing to the disadvantaged. Do not forget about sausage which on the way home you will need to distribute to stray dogs and cats (and better take away all of them home).

Having come home, make a birds feeder and hang up it at yourself behind a window, do not forget to fill every day it with grain and grain crumbs.

After that wait two weeks during which, having refused the wordly benefits, save up money that after these two weeks to make an installment into the account of the starving children of Africa.

after that guide a city madhouse, visit unfortunate mentally ill people, talk to them, bring them the feasible grocery help, and also clothes, footwear, toys and the new TV (if you have no new TV, find where - nibud old and bring). On the way home do not forget to feed with

stray dogs and cats (but nevertheless it will be better if you take away all of them to yourself home).

go to jobcenter Next day and be employed there for any feasible work (for example, on cleaning of beetroots in collective farm or on any other). Distribute proceeds to the disadvantaged.

Wait two weeks during which you will save up money for the starving children of Africa. Make a contribution. Take away home some more stray dogs and cats.

If you have a garden or a kitchen garden, reap a crop, sell and distribute proceeds to the disadvantaged. If you do not have, unfortunately, either a garden or a kitchen garden, go to the wood for mushrooms, berries and korenye. Sell them, distribute money to the disadvantaged. earn additionally

On the days off where only you will be able, but do not take yourself the earned money, distribute them to the disadvantaged.

Do not forget that all this time categorically it is impossible to drink alcohol and to smoke. Eat exclusively fast food. Drink only water from a sacred source. Every day pray. Do not use foul language. Do not sin with different ways. And, of course, do not forget to rewrite this letter of 50 times and to distribute to those whom you want to make happy.

Observe all above-mentioned in accuracy, and to you it will be good. The grace will condescend on you so suddenly that you will not believe the happiness. More you will be never tormented by prostatitis, diarrhea, a nervous pochesukha, plentiful salivation, the increased perspiration, hemorrhoids and a SARS.

U you will always be money (every day you will be able to afford a glass of inexpensive wine and 100 grams of toffees!!!) . And in 20 years you will grow rich so that you will be able to buy second-hand " Zaporozhets;!!! And, above all, every time when you will go outside, all stray dogs and cats will run for you on heels with loud bark, we howl also miaow. All disadvantaged will welcome you a deafening applause.

But if you do not execute all above-mentioned in accuracy - be AFRAID! Various misfortunes will fall upon your head. Mice will attack your house and otgrynut legs at a case. Round the corner street muggers will catch and naklanut on turnip. Neighbour`s children will depict your door. The bum will throw in your window a steadfast roll. You every time will be fined in public transport. The wages at work to you will be paid out the production remains.

Nobody ever will send you more cards birthday. You should eat what you will find on a city dump. And only flies and cockroaches will be on friendly terms with you.

So, dear friend! In total in your hands! Act! Begin to carry out directly today what it is told above about, and the grace will condescend on you! Good luck!

P. S. It is a gift of the author of subjects, to a lump it is sad.]