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What do we know about trees - signs of a horoscope of druids? As I looked for kartas.

I Will reveal a secret. Not someone`s, and the. Actually, it is not secret, and so, an istoriyka of emergence of a cycle of articles.

On the main page of our website, in the rubricator, after the name the number of articles on each heading is shown in skobochka. In the heading Plants it is not enough articles on the general background, here I also decided to correct this shortcoming.

There was no wish to take any plant and to describe it somehow. It is uninteresting to me, the reader, most likely, too. And here to tell about plants of a flower horoscope - here already something is. And on volume the horoscope cycle looks the whole year attractively. For the " company; together with flower was engaged also Celtic which signs - trees.

Everything went according to the plan, the turn of February did not approach yet. Widely known horoscope of druids claims that action of a sign of Kartas southern begins on the ninth of February. What for kartas such? I never about such plant heard.

Ubiquitous mister Gugl will help me, I solved. But not here - that was. The searcher offered various Ltd companies and the BSF, but most of all references to various websites reprinting each other the maintenance of a horoscope of druids. And everywhere - kartas and kartas. Sprawling, powerful Well and further in the text.

Some websites specified the name of a sign in skobochka as Kartas southern (cedar). Others specified a pyramidal poplar in skobochka. That for devilry such. The fact that ancient Celts could give well-known trees the names - is not surprising at all. But why today the same tree is called differently? It`s a no-brainer that the cedar and a poplar of any kind have also poorly general as a cat and a dog.

I tried to enter into search engine Latin symbols - any effect. Unless links to various cards in language of the Baltic states only appeared. Then decided kartas to decline, and here Google smiled and sent me on a forum of dendrologists which visitors looked for kartas too and also, as well as I, did not find. I was even delighted, the first good luck: professionals do not know a tree.

About what then the speech? What tree hides behind the unknown name? Cedar? But we will look at the card of dwelling of Celts. They adjoined to a cedar short time in scales of the civilization and only in Asia Minor, in limited territories. It is improbable that a little familiar tree in general could get to a horoscope.

Before understanding, let`s specify from where the Gallic horoscope undertook? It is standard to consider that it helped predictions of ancient druids. So - that it can and so, but to us - that from where it is known? In what library it is possible to find the fundamental volume in which the unknown copyist according to the gray-haired magician listed all nuances of a horoscope known to any civilized Celt? Correctly, there is no such library, and there is no horoscope of it.

So it turns out, the sheer mystification? Let`s not hurry with conclusions. Druids lived long ago, documents remained a little since then. Besides, the harmonous system could not exist at all that does not deny a cult of worship of trees.

Approximately to the middle of the last century the Gallic horoscope was not known to general public. In 1948 Robert Greyvs, the unaccomplished historian, the remarkable poet and the prose writer, published the most important book White goddess the research of ancient religions and myths missed through the rich poetic imagination.

Venerable astrologers in every possible way abuse today Greyvs, but do not deny that he used all - real-life sources. Generally records regular the bards singing of feats of native Celtic clans.

Mythological base on which Greyvs constructed the Goddess interested not only dense beds of the population but also other researchers among whom there is an author Astrologie Gauloise Edgar Bliss. Bliss offered general public the recurrence and signs of a horoscope of druids which widely extended presently.

What we see at Bliss? February 9 - 18: Nettle - tree . Nettle - tree - a krapivny tree? Next riddle? I ask council Gugl, and everything falls into place. The Latin name Celtis australis, Russian - the Framework southern. The relative of an elm whom Brockhaus and Efron`s encyclopedia calls by a stone or iron tree.

It is necessary only to be surprised. Of course, the typographical error is possible. But how it became so widely approved and standard that under it " steel; to adjust native flora? Incredibly, but fact. And about correct The Framework southern, I will tell slightly later.]