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How to force bourgeoises to untwist your website absolutely free of charge? Each person who has the website or the blog has

, there is a promotion problem. What is the website without visitors? Correctly - anything. And here with visitors, even inappropriate incidentally visited the website, it is possible to create something

Therefore a problem of promotion of the website, probably, the most popular in the Network. There is no wish to pay for it and efficiency of the advertizing companies should be perfected a trial and error method, losing money (the money!) and what is even more expensive, time!

And here present, in bourgeois the Internet - edges exists a set of firms which will untwist your website absolutely for free of charge, practically for several your viewings of the websites - the same simple citizens of the Internet, as well as you.

How the similar system works? The matter is that the blagotvoritelstvo, patronage in the West is widespread. I.e. the system untwists your website, and you transfer into the account to the firm owning the website it is so much how many you can. Or you do not list. Business is especially voluntary. The account into which money is transferred can be found in FAQ if very much it wants. If you do not want - do not list, just participate in this raskrutochny " mechanism;.

Practically all such services are based by the principle pyramids . You attract, for example, 10 people, further each attracted attracts, etc., the principle of a geometrical progression. After one million displays it is possible to be registered again or at once to register mirror in English and to direct a traffic to the main website.

And it will not cost to you kopeks. Though you can transfer any amount, at least million for services! Cents

For registration in any of such projects needs to perform the following operations:

First step. to Click

on all references and to linger on everyone at least seconds on 10, better it is more, at me the first time it did not turn out to be registered from - for speeds clicking .

The first website in system - sponsor`s - firm which keeps this project, the others - simple webmasters, same, as well as you.

After viewing of all seven websites we pass on

the Step of the second. with

It is filled a registration form. Here everything is simple:

Full Name: - a full name in English;

Email: - the e-mail address, is better from bourgeois service (gmail. com or to it similar);

Text Ad: - the advertizing text, I met even in Russian, but it is better not to risk, to write something clear for Burzhuynet`s natives;

Website URL: - URL of your website;

Choose Password: - the password for login for change of data.

We tick off all three small squares below and we press the " button ; Sign Me Up Now! also we wait for the letter. To me it came almost instantly!

The letter should be read. The document, all-. If are not strong in English, use the translator. Further we click the registration link. If the system answered, you will have the same page, as at me. You put an affiliate link to the website and you wait. Or better still, you advance it (this reference). It will be much more useful to you. It is more traffic.

I was registered less than two hours ago, and the first visitors already came. Even if they are natives and understand nothing Russian, the reference from the untwisted bourgeois website will already lift website PR. And if this traffic to convert into money

Here several councils for converting of an English-speaking traffic.

1. If on your website there is an advertizing from Google to Adsensa, surely add keywords in English, and in settings to Adsensa switch off Cyrillics, then advertizing will appear both in Russian, and in English. And on what bourgeoises will click, I think, clearly. And money bourgeois advertizing will bring more.

2. Find a bourgeois partnyorka on a subject of your website (blog) and put a banner. Better with payment for cliques. Though who knows how it is better than

3. Find the Russian partnyorka focused on the western audience, such it is full now, only to look for you are not lazy.


That`s all further.]