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How to prepare a strudel with cherries?

Strudel: the name of a dish seems unusual and, probably, it difficult prepares...

I Want to dissuade you is not so! You did not happen to cook cheaper and simpler pie!

For a start recipe of the test.

That is necessary:

1. 500 g of

2 high-grade flour. 1 glass of warm boiled

3 water. 200 g of butter.

Here actually and all!

And now preparation.

to Mix not really abruptly water-based dough, to add to it 50 g of soft butter, it is possible slightly - to salt slightly. To intensively knead dough, pounding it, not less than 10 minutes. To divide the turned-out lump into two parts, to put each part in a separate bowl, to cover with a wafer napkin and to allow to stand at least 15 minutes.

To roll each part on a separate surface (it is better if you roll each layer on a separate table), to cover and again to leave for 15 minutes.

After that it is necessary to begin the most important in preparation of a strudel - a test pulling.

Extend it very much in different directions so that dough overhung from table edges, - do not tear the main thing! The more thinly you will stretch, the strudel so do not feel sorry for either forces, or time will be more tasty. At masters it is considered to be sufficient test thickness in a tissue paper, but as you understand, such thickness, to be exact tonshchina it turns out not from the first. But do not worry about it! At you all the same it will turn out very tasty because you want it!

Now the following is necessary - it is necessary to cut off accurately the ends of the test which go beyond a table (since they are thicker, than all other dough).

And again cake layers should allow stretched to stand without towel of 15 minutes that dried up. While there is a dough, advise to kindle butter and to open a jar of pitted cherries in the juice (it is possible both raspberry, and a gooseberry, it is only necessary that berries were whole). Throw off berries on a colander and let`s juice flow down.

When dough stood, accurately grease it with a thin layer of melted butter and lay out on it a layer of berries. Accurately roll all this business in roll and grease from above with the butter remains.

Warm an oven, grease a baking sheet with butter, lay out on it roll - a strudel and bake.

should be Baked so: at first 10 minutes on maximum to heat, and then 20 - 30 minutes on minimum. the Ready strudel to take

from an oven and it is obligatory to wind with a towel (that it was steamed).

to Give on a chilled table cut on thin rings. It will be tasty and beautiful to make on each ring of a strudel ornament of whipped cream.

Bon appetit!]