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What is priskanets and pryazhenets and as they are trained?

you know what is priskanets? there is no


Then you definitely do not know how to cook them.

I Suggest to try to diversify a sweet table with a tasty and unusual dish which, by the way, remarkably approaches any holiday not only the taste and appearance, but also simplicity of preparation.

So, priskanets .

For the test

to you it is required to b:

1. 2 glasses of the

2 flour. 1

3 egg. 20 g of dry

4 yeast. 1,5 glasses of warm

5 milk. 0,5 glasses of

6 sugar. 50 ml of the

7 refined sunflower oil. 1 teaspoon of salt without top.

For a stuffing (though many hostesses prepare priskanets without stuffing) take:

of 3 chocolate processed cheeses (they need to be cut thin, almost transparent stripes),

or small jar of chocolate paste, to

or bank of boiled condensed milk,

or very much - very dense sourish jam (plum best of all will approach).

For a start in warm milk fill sugar, wait for its full dissolution and add yeast. Here it is necessary to wait for minutes 15 - 20 that yeast created hat . As soon as you notice hat you can safely pour in milk with yeast in a pan in which beforehand filled flour. Be not afraid to damage at transfusion " cap; it should not disturb you any more. Scrape off the remains of yeast in a pan with flour. Add salt. Stir dough a spoon, and then surely knead it hands, only this way you will feel that dough is ready and does not contain any lump (because lumps in the test as jellyfishes in the sea, disturb, only those - to float, and they are to prepare and eat. You do not want to chew flour!) .

Now dough needs to be put to the warm place that approached. Do not forget to cover a flat dish with the test a towel that it did not dry up. In about 1,5 hours it is possible to prepare (pay attention, in 1,5 hours irrespective of the fact how dough approached! And it is never not necessary to knead it).

Put on strong fire a frying pan with oil and warm it to a maximum. A spoon spread dough in the boiling oil, making efforts for that flat cakes - balls were the similar size and a form. Best of all small round priskanets are used (I mean eating) and they are fried thoroughly quicker. Frying of pie will take about 2 - 3 minutes, depending on the size. It is considered ready when after a turning already fried party becomes softish, at a prikasaniye to it a knife.

The fried priskanets spread on a baking sheet and put from above everyone a stripe of a processed cheese or slightly - slightly smear with what was chosen for a stuffing. Do not go too far! Warm as much as possible an oven, put in it a baking sheet with priskanets, close a door and at once switch off fire. Wait for minutes 5 - 10 and take a baking sheet from the furnace. Lay out priskanets with the leaked and dried up stuffing on a beautiful flat dish in one layer and plentifully powder with icing sugar.

your priskanets are ready!

Pryazhentsa. you only listen attentively what name! And as just this dish prepares! Really at you slobbers did not begin to flow yet? I Teach


According to the recipe it is necessary:


egg of 200 g of high-grade flour or special mix for

pancakes 1 tablespoon of sugar without top

1 tablespoon of the soft

butter of 100 g of the dense

sour cream of 100 g of the melted

butter salt and 0,25 teaspoons of soda.

Now your actions.

Break egg, add sugar and shake up, extinguish a sour cream spoon soda, add to egg. Mix soft butter and flour into dough. Carefully mix dough hands and lay out it on the table powdered with flour. Let`s the test lie down on a table and to disperse (minutes 10), previously having covered it with a towel.

Roll layer about 0,5 cm thick and cut it on strips of 52 cm. Then on each strip on the one hand make cuts of identical depth, something will turn out, reminding a branch. It is possible to cut out at the rich imagination molds for cookies different patterns. But here it is important not to go too far, it is better if in core you make small openings in the form of asterisks or just circles. Remember that branches - it is obligatory attribute of such pryazhenets, they have to be on products anyway.

By the way if slightly - slightly to recede from accepted standards of preparation, then pryazhenets it is possible to do round and to do cuts too around - will turn out suns - and just before frying to insert in suns izyumny eyes. You can not doubt, your children in all eyes and with an open mouth will monitor preparation of such sweets, and even will help with process. Excellent appetite is guaranteed if after the first and second course the child waits for a dessert solar pies.

But I distracted. I repent and continue. Deliver to

a frying pan with melted butter on fire and lay out turned out " there; branches or suns . Fry products on average fire from two parties, remove from a frying pan, lay out on a beautiful dish so that branches " were visible; branches and eyes suns strew with plentifully icing sugar (here, besides for children, it is possible to use powder figurno. Make a cliche - a circle by the " size; sun from dense paper, in the form of a half moon cut off from it a fragment. Apply to a product and strew with icing sugar uncovered part sun - the bearded sun with eyes will turn out! - simply, and the child is excited). In a separate flat dish serve dense sour cream (it can be replaced with whipped cream).

It is sure that such dish will not leave indifferent anybody.

Bon appetit to you and your children!]