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Hash browns: how to prepare them?

Potato - traditional second " bread; on our table in the winter. We both cook it, and we fry, and we bake. And whether here often we do hash browns of potato?

I suggest to remember together this remarkably tasty and simple dish in preparation.

In Belarusian cuisine hash browns - one of the most widespread dishes. They represent peculiar potato fritters. In our everyday representation they are eaten only with sour cream. About any variety we do not even suspect of preparation. And it exists, and it must be said, and on taste too nothing not bad looks to itself, pleasant!

It was the introduction, and now hash browns.

For teapots I offer the simplest recipe which however can it is useful also to skilled hostesses in case of lack of refined ingredients or time.

is a part of hash browns:

of 1 kg of qualitative potatoes,

1,5 glasses of high-grade flour,

1 egg,

of 100 ml of refined sunflower oil,

1 a salt teaspoon without top,

greens of fennel,

sour cream of 25% of fat content.

Preparation. Potatoes clear

and properly wash. Do not stack it in a pan with water, and let`s dry or rub off a towel (carefully, the sineglazka and a gipsy dance can spoil white fabric, having left on it spots). Grate potatoes on a large grater, surely wring out and put on a flat plate for 10 minutes to dry up. A post of it put potato shavings in a deep bowl, hammer egg there, salt and fill with flour. Now you need to mix dough carefully.

Following step: warming up of sunflower oil on a frying pan. Oils has to be much (a layer about 0,5 cm) and it has to be hot, as for French fries. do to

thin flat cakes Of the test and spread them in boiling masto. Fry from two parties (about 1 minute each party). Let`s flat cakes cool down a little (that it was only possible to take a piece in a mouth), lay out on a flat big dish in one layer and plentifully water with dense sour cream. For greater to a look and a smell powder with fennel greens.

All. It is possible to give on a table!

And here the recipe for more experienced in a potato yum-yum.

of 12 average potatoes,

2 tablespoons of flour,

of 8 tablespoons of melted butter,

0, 5 of a glass of sugar,

a glass of soaked cowberry,

a glass of sour cream of 25% of fat content,

a salt teaspoon without top.

With potatoes arrive as in the previous recipe: clean, dry, rub, let`s dry up. Then mix with flour, salt and mix. Such dough in a hand will not be created in flat cake therefore it needs to be vykladavat in boiling oils a spoon. Fry fritters on 1 minute from each party, remove from a frying pan and stack in one beautiful general flat dish, plentifully water with sour cream.

Now gas station : let`s cowberry flow down on a colander, mix with sugar and appetizingly strew over hash browns with sour cream.

Well ooochen vskusno!

ATTENTION! Hash browns are tasty only hot!

Bon appetit!

An illustration from the website talerka. ru.]