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How to call - to call a hut on chicken legs? It is a high time to visit, have a bite

to the Baba-yaga pies - shanezhka and kissel fresh to enjoy. The baba-yaga missed guests for a long time, it appears, she wishes to shelter you at all and to treat with viands all, has to address her only respectfully.

Pervo - napervo reel up on a mustache (even if those are not available) that the dwelling to call her - it is correctly necessary to call. Do not show respect due, - on yourself expostulate, here to serchat there is nobody.

In the guides to competent communication with the Baba-yaga also language human says that though it is the sovereign of a kingdom of the dead, the conductor to the world other, the witch and just the character negative and spirit Russian does not transfer to spirit, however to kind good fellows and maidens (to which you, of course, carry yourself) it is inclined to help, at will to own. So respect only from you is also required.

And the izba loves when it not hut on chicken legs (the Russian national fairy tales) call, not IZNAKURNOZh (Brothers Strugatsky, Monday begins on Saturday ) call, and in due form call, - an izba on kurny legs . Because earlier the izba stood on the smoked penka which were called Slavs kurny legs . It is only then a word of mouth from misunderstanding of everyone of a leg - chicken prescribed that to it. The log hut - that, of course, and responds to chicken legs, but about itself everything that to what languages human are evil swears, better wings swan would be attributed, and that would be not so offensive.

And anything that a prototype of a fantastic izba, according to researchers, are sepulchral lodges on high columns at Slavs where those put ashes of the cremated ancestors (in a mortar just, it is possible), - it should not confuse you. The main thing, an izba caress human loves also rough orders in a look The Izba, an izba, turn to me the rehouse, to the wood - the back does not hurry to execute, and on more tender requests Izba - an izba, ostoysya to the wood heels, to me gate. To me in you not a century to live, one night to spend the night (Alpatov S. V. Folklore as component of medieval culture ) always responds.

Others, by the way, researchers (much more optimistic made), see similarity of the fantastic dwelling to a mill, and in this explanation the mortar grandmother`s gets the lawful place, - it a mill, only manual too. Speak, at mills more than twenty witty designs, one of which the mill - the stolbovka typical for the Russian North (to the earth vryt represents a column, are found, and on it the mill barn rotates, there are also additional columns for a support). Rotation of a fantastic izba, thus, finds the explanation in this version.

Too do not offend a baba-yaga, the grandmother call, - everything to you will stay with it more quietly.

Yes, you will see the Baba-yaga, - say hello. Very long ago we with it did not pivat a tea ]