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What the caricature is? Not only caustic... About Edgar Walther of

Apart from myself the expert on painting and graphics, I have, nevertheless, certain own addictions against which I am not going to fight. On the contrary, I suggest to divide them.

One of favourite names is Edgar Walther - the clever, kind, gifted artist. From its caricatures I always lighten mood. I hope, they will be pleasant to you too.

Edgar Walther was born in Tallinn on September 21, 1929. He gained the first experience of satirical graphics in 15 years and since then created an uncountable set of caricatures, without evading, however, and from other graphic genres (including, a fantastic subject especially close to me). But today there is a wish to acquaint readers from it cheerful pictures .

For example, the truth about Adam`s fall according to Walther looks so.

At me amusing memoirs are connected with this drawing. Once I happened to be engaged in the wall newspaper... There was such tradition in that structure where on distribution it was obliged to fulfill not less than three years - to entertain employees and to decorate walls in corridors of power . And this work " was called; ideological work also it was controlled by party bureau.

Me, maybe, by youth of years, or perhaps owing to loyalty of the management, escaped punishment the most different stengazetny jokes, up to hints on our main boss (who had the minister`s rank), to which the most influential equipment room the lady allegedly sang: Let`s dance, Teddie, we will dance!

But when I published in the release devoted on March 8, this, you see, quite innocent, absolutely harmless caricature, the party ideologist (the woman with bunch on a nape and in a " suit; a la a bag ) confiscated a festive leaf of a Whatman paper, having broken it from a wall not to allow distribution of a pornography.

By the way when I was declared after incident in a party bureau in hope that now me will remove from a stengazetny duty, with regret saw that all laugh loudly over the observer of customs. Was reorganization decline and leads of communistic severity weakened to a limit. But I then regretted about it, frankly speaking, as it was not possible to come off from an order of party.

And as to you the picture with the laconic name In hell ? Ridiculously, truth? Such witty lukavinka which, strangely enough, is also lyrical. You will have a look, and involuntarily you zamurlykat: Without women it is impossible to live on light, no!.

And still I very much like a plot Little Red Riding Hood . And " Service; : protruding eyes newly married, guessing to which of them the objects which are accurately spread out on a table intend, are so expressive, and direct-sales representative offering them, it is so kind that no words are necessary - any will be superfluous.

And, notice, any rage! The laughter caused by these caricatures, bezjyarosten. The sense of humour of the artist podkupayushche is good-natured. Perhaps, you will tell that it is connected with political apathy of plots? At all not.

Have a look at the drawing Without the words - can, there will be associations. But also here - the phenomenon is noticed, and there is no rage. Only philosophy.

the Wise man told that the mankind, laughing, leaves the shortcomings. Edgar Walther`s creativity - the hint to that.

Admire and laugh. Well, at least smile!.