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Romanticism of the relations - whether is necessary it in modern life? We Will glance

for several minutes in the past. No, not during the most romantic era of Knights and their Great Ladies when sang serenades under balconies and as the challenge on duel was thrown down by gloves.

Too our era differs from those times. But by the way all - we will notice that as soon as Ladies, after them " disappeared; evaporated and Knights. In such order.

Now there is no need to sing serenades to tell of the feelings. It is possible just to send the SMS - the message especially as the ready set of phrases for all occasions is offered. Also it is not necessary to spend time for their composition. But telecom operators claim that SMS in which feelings are mentioned do not exceed 1% of total number of messages.

We will be had on imagination wings in 50 - 60 - e years of the last century. It was hard time for our country, but in souls of our parents there lived romanticism and reverence concerning the Man and the Woman.

The youth went to movie theaters where the guy, worrying from proximity of the girlfriend, shy covered her hand with the, and on all veins the exciting heat streamed. Often till last days they remembered this soft feeling of vivifying heat proceeding from a touch of hands distinctly.

First contact of a hand As a little now remained from that enthusiasm and that awe. Believe, even the simple contact of a hand is similar to sacrament. Do it as often as possible and you feel that really there is force not until the end of the learned energy which goes from heart to heart and wonderfully connects souls.

Reverence and romanticism slowly disappear from our life. Offensively, if forever. Many feelings wrote off in archive. The rhythm of life becomes prompter. Time - money . And to spend time on sloppy sentimentality it became unprofitable.

Recently we as though bethought, and the movies and transfers close to us on spirit already appear. Though now instead of expression on spirit the word " is used; mentality but the essence from it does not change. And that is interesting, the youth with great pleasure looks and discusses them. Once young people told me such phrase: You were lucky. In your time there were such good movies and songs with sense .

Rate of our life is accelerated, and all of us try to do on the run on the fly . Even words I love you we begin to say how Americans, quickly and without worrying.

And when we were interested last time what feelings our family has? What they dream of, think? Already we will also not remember. And it is the FAMILY to us people! We ceased to exchange thoughts and feelings. All of us speak to a thicket about money and policy.

So it romanticism in our life and whether it is necessary to us?

Romanticism is, first of all, warmth of the relations. This desire to create a holiday for the people living with us nearby. These are pink glasses through which we look at life, without noticing the ordinary and minor problems.

It is wings on which we soar highly in the sky.

It is the happy children living in the atmosphere of Love and Tenderness.

It is young men and girls who will seek to establish the family similar to that in which they grew up and where there were romantic relations between parents.

This health. When look at you with sincere admiration, despite age and the years lived together, any illness, having put the tail between the legs will coward escape from your house.

It is youth. Youth and the Old age are not age, but a state of mind. The soul does not grow old if in it there lives interest in the loved one. And people with the soul filled with romanticism irrespective of the age specified in the passport differ in nothing from teenagers who only - were only visited by the first love. Just they even more carefully and more tremblingly belong to all happening to them.

It is beauty. Romanticism better than any cosmetics will add to you charms.

At Romanticism there are a lot of manifestations, and them it is difficult to list all. Everyone can add something, close only to it.

And, of course, Romanticism is one of components of true love.

If to someone do not go pink glasses, and stir someone wings behind the back, that Health, Youth, Beauty, the Warm atmosphere of the House, Happiness of our children - makes sense of our life. And romanticism of the relations helps to achieve all this also.

Warm and romantic weather in your house.]