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How to turn dreams into reality?

In a remarkable three-volume edition Strategy of geniuses Robert Dilts revealed cogitative strategy of 8 ingenious persons. One of them - Walt Disney - as nobody else was able to embody the dreams in reality.

Enough NLP simple equipment with the beautiful name " became result of metamodelling of genius of Disney; Strategy of creativity of Walt Disney . To do this equipment, the following is necessary:

1. Choose 4 positions: Dreamer, Realist, Critic, Observer.

2. Become on a " position; Dreamer also answer the following questions:

What you intend to do? (Contrary to the fact that you intend to stop doing, avoid or throw.) Why you intend to do to

it? What purpose of it?

What will be compensation of the spent efforts? How you learn that you received it? When you expect it to receive?

Where you seek to come in the future, having embodied this plan?

Whom or similar to whom you want to become as a result of performance of this plan?

It is important to answer not just verbally questions, and to present a color and bright picture of the embodiment of dream. The dreamer is the person shipped in dreamland! That it was simpler to visualize, arrange physiology: at the Dreamer the head is raised, the eye is turned up; a pose symmetric and weakened.

3. Become on a " position; Observer . It is a neutral position: on it it is necessary to put the thoughts in order, to estimate work of the Dreamer and to praise it or to make remarks. In my opinion, it is more convenient if the position of the Observer is sedentary. Besides, I recommend to hold on it a pencil and paper - in the near future they will be useful.

4. Become on a " position; Realist also answer the following questions:

What image this plan will be carried out? How you learn that the objectives are achieved? How you will test criteria of execution? Who it will do

? (Appoint responsible persons and obtain a consent of those who will carry out this plan.)

When will be carried out each stage? When the general task is carried out?

Where will be carried out each stage?

Why is necessary each concrete step?

This position the most difficult and tiresome. It is very important not to confuse the Realist with the Critic. For this purpose it is necessary to watch closely a state and physiology. To understand a condition of the Realist, remember a situation when you planned something (for example, made the plan of the computer program) and when finished, were surprised that already 3 o`clock in the morning. Physiology of the Realist: the head is located exactly or slightly inclined forward, the look is directed directly forward.

5. Become on a " position; Observer . Put thoughts in order and estimate work of the Realist.

6. Become on a " position; Critic also answer the following questions:

Whether this plan answers the criteria and the purposes which were its cornerstone? Why someone could object

to this new plan?

In whom will reflect this new plan who can promote it or prevent what at them for this purpose the reasons and that it promises to them?

What positive is comprised by a present method(s) of business management?

How can keep all positive at implementation of this plan or a plan?

When and where you would not like to carry out this plan or a plan?

That is, the Critic has to analyse logically all that was solved by the Dreamer and the Realist and to point to all reefs. Its task - to formulate questions for the Dreamer. Physiology of the Critic: are looked down; the head is hung and slightly inclined on one side; the pose is bent; perhaps, a hand on a chin.

7. Return on a " position; Observer also put the thoughts in order. I recommend to write down all remarks of the Critic (otherwise you will get confused).

8. Take one of remarks of the Critic and transfer him to the Dreamer. Then you repeat the cycle until the received project of dream does not satisfy all participants of its development. So it is necessary to work each of remarks of the Critic.

9. When the plan of realization of dream will be completely developed, it is necessary to pass several times (to take a walk forward - back) on each of three positions, passing a " position; Observer . At the same time it is desirable to think not of this dream, and of something else.

As a result of making of this equipment your, apparently, unrealizable dream will turn in a row real and quite attainable aims.]