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How many years eat pineapples and the bourgeois chews hazel grouses?

on January 6, 1918, 90 years ago, the first Soviet magazine of proletarian satire " was published; Nightingale . On its cover in the form of the signature under one of drawings printed the couplet of the poet Vladimir Mayakovsky which became subsequently well-known with

Eat pineapples, hazel grouses chew,

your the last comes Day, the bourgeois.
Speaking frankly, the magazine intended by New Year`s holidays to lighten mood to the won proletariat. Also left on old style on December 24. However, the magazine - it is very loudly told - rather a newspaper as volume made only 8 pages. And even illustrations were one-color. But then it was accepted that the newspaper is a body something, for example, any party or the organization. And here the founder was not specified but only the publisher - the Moscow committee of Bolsheviks .

The idea of creation of the magazine was born at one of meetings of proletarian poets, fiction writers and artists who visited literaturno - art association at the newspaper of the Moscow committee of Bolsheviks Sotsial is the democrat . to Head group on release of the first issue of the magazine Nightingale it was entrusted known then, but to the poet Leonid Kotomke (Vladimir Iosifovich Zelensky) little-known today, which Maxim Gorky well knew . A swag involved in cooperation in the magazine of Demyan Bedny, Vladimir Mayakovsky , other proletarian poets.

First number Nightingale at once adjusted workers on the fact that he is not that complacent nightingale whose singing can only enjoy. The proletarian nightingale is simply obliged to get up, according to the editorial, in a system of fighters for national business, to catcall all who prevent the people to build new life.

To what the first number was devoted? Here counter-revolutionaries in the person of Kaledin, Petliura were ruthlessly derided and other worst enemies of proletarian revolution, all their efforts were compared to inflation of soap bubbles. Whatever huge the bubble seemed, it will all the same very quickly burst. A specific place in the magazine was held by the satire and humour directed on fat bourgeoises and their spongers, those who beared sharp malice against the power of the proletariat. But also the criticism of a disorganization in work, untidiness, carelessness took place in the magazine too.

The first number was met well so in February, 1918 also the second was published Nightingale . But times were very severe, and for release of the third and subsequent numbers publishers just did not have means. The nightingale, in fact, did not whistle, excuse for a pun, just peeped Leonti Kotomka did not leave

But idea of issue of the magazine of proletarian satire . Five years later, in April, 1923, in Saratov (where, apparently, there lived his brother Evgeny Zelensky ) it mastered issue of the satirical magazine Broom which existed as a tabloid Saratov worker . Already the first number sets political orientation Brooms in Manifesto PKS(b) i.e. Parties of Red Laughter (ruthless). Edition promised to laugh over all and all: from silly clever men to clever fools, from the moonshiner to god, from Kamyshinskaya Street to New - York .

The magazine appeared once in two weeks of 12 - 14 pages with one-color illustrations. This time grabbers and slovens, whiners and Pharisees, verkhoglyada and bureaucrats, embezzlers of public funds and bribe takers became object of close attention of satirists.

It is necessary to tell that in those days there were several satirical magazines at once. And by 1930 there was only one - Crocodile which first number appeared, by the way, in 1922. And here Leonti Kotomki`s child only three months, the last number " existed; Brooms left in June, 1923.

And one more stroke to the biography of the proletarian poet Vladimir Zelensky (Leonti Kotomki). When the Great Patriotic War burst, the idea of creation of satirical magazines was at once embodied in several editions. In particular, when the political department of the Western front in the fall of 1941 decided to publish the satirist - the comic magazine Front humour Zelensky was invited among the first. Zero release was sent to troops in November, 1941. And all until the end of war there were 49 numbers.

By the way, Leonid Kotomka - only one of Vladimir Zelensky`s pseudonyms. And here still the five of its most known pseudonyms - Bumblebee V. Galin Century. Green Harold Irina Zelenaya

But we will return to what began with. As the couplet " was born; You eat pineapples and what their future. Nearly 10 years later after an exit Nightingale Mayakovsky admitted that he composed this poem even before October revolution - in a step to some rollicking music when he sat at a little table in Petrograd artistic cabaret Halt of comedians .

Vladimir Vladimirovich included later this couplet in the poem Vladimir Ilyich Lenin written in 1924, and many for some reason consider that Bourgeois was born in a year of death of Lenin. But we - that with you know that it not so ]