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Why body temperature is close to 40 degrees?

All know that the normal body temperature of the person makes 36,6 C. At a horse - 37,6 , at a cow - 38,3 , at a cat - 38,6 , at a dog - 38,9 , at a ram - 39 , at a pig - 39,1 , at a rabbit - 39,5 , at a goat - 39,9 , at chicken - 41,5 .

Why temperatures such, being in quite narrow range?

Checked a set of articles devoted to temperature in medicine and physiology.

In all body temperature is taken for granted. It is told about thermal control mechanisms in an organism. Methods of its measurements are described, daily schedules of change are provided that can influence temperature increase as to fight against it and so on. Only in some articles it is casually mentioned that such temperature is optimum for course of biochemical processes in an organism and in general for its activity.

But, apparently, it is known that chemical processes proceed at more high temperatures better. Why the nature stopped on such? Chemists and biologists cannot give the answer to this question.

It was necessary to understand as physics. On a nanolevel. Such approach already gave the answers to many which were considered earlier unclear questions. How things wear out? How things can self-repair? What mechanism of memory of the person? How the Moon influences an organism and activity of the person? How the nature self-cleans?...

It turned out that 40 degrees - water thermal capacity minimum temperature. What does it mean? And what is a thermal capacity? The thermal capacity of any physical body is the amount of energy necessary for heating of unit of its weight by one degree. But it is simple for some piece of iron. Water has much more difficult structure. In it this energy leaves not only on a simple temperature swing of atoms, and and on restructurings. Ice thawing can serve as an example.

At school learned that, absorbing heat, it at first heats up to zero temperature. Then heat arrives, and ice does not heat up further - all heat leaves on reorganization of structure a firm phase in liquid. As all ice will turn into liquid, further temperature increase begins. The same occurs when boiling water. Until all water evaporates, temperature of the boiling water will be equal in a pan to hundred degrees. Despite a continuous supply of heat from the burning ring. And only then temperature already of steam will start over again rising. That is a thermal capacity of the thawing ice and boiling vodyochen are big.

And at 40 degrees on reorganization of structure of water the energy minimum leaves. And we already know that for implementation of physiological processes of the person and animals water has to be reconstructed constantly. It not just bears in the stream nutrients and waste of activity, as in a sewer pipe. For penetration into the thinnest capillaries and intercellular space water at first splits substances on separate molecules, repeating their structure, then envelops these molecules the and drags them to the destination, I use the high superficial tension. All this is connected with continuous restructurings of molecules of water. And at a thermal capacity minimum temperature on it the energy minimum leaves.

And so. The nature is very economical. As live organisms generally consist of water which carries out all process of activity, most energetically favourably it occurs at temperatures close to 40 degrees!]