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What was the main dream of my childhood?

Since the early childhood I was fond of viewing of fighters and fiction films, and only such at which there were scenes of the pursuits and kaskadyorsky tricks which are carried out on cars. Also I very much liked the western animated cartoons of such plan, the " type; Racer Spidi . Very much it was pleasant when the wheelbarrow is filled with any smertoubiystvenny devices and when her driver pryot on the road, stacking an arrow of a speedometer for a mark somewhere of 200 miles/h and sweeping away all who did not manage to stand aside, generally spitting on rules in the most unscrupulous way.

Every time when such movie began, I headlong rushed to the screen and it was tightly welded on it not worse, than gas welding, and after over and over again scrolled the most concerning episodes in the head, decorating them with new details, adding cars of aggressive elements of design and confidential arms and naturally putting itself for a wheel of the coolest wheelbarrow.

The next day I was, of course, secured in school with empty notebooks and there were enough four stakes time and the remark in the diary. And as parents categorically did not wish to allocate funds for acquisition of magazines necessary for me on a car, and schoolmates at whom I noticed such magazines, flatly refused to concede me them (I had nothing to offer in exchange), I was constantly got involved in the conflicts with application of a cold weapon like any sharpenings and rosettes therefore several times visited psychiatric clinics.

This war terribly exhausted me, and I had a rest from it, creeping in a crack between the battery and a desk where cherished dreams to get something like Betmobil and by means of him to deal shortly with offenders - parents, schoolmates, teachers, militiamen, hospital attendants and passersby to whom I also constantly it managed to be linked. Sat in the crooked pose (my scoliosis - memory of those days), and in thoughts delightful pictures blossomed - I fly on the highway on a magnificent car, one hand lies on a wheel (not round, and the bizzare shape which is bearing a faint resemblance to an aviation steering wheel), and another walks on toggle-switches and buttons, my true four - to six - or even the eight-wheel friend puts forward a sophisticated form huge blades, bristles up half-meter thorns, fills in the road superconfidential a miracle - glue, I build hordes of the terrifying holograms, on the run subordinate to defensive systems of the largest powers, taking their satellite channels, plus by my car is mounted a fire, artillery and rocket arsenal which will be enough for couple of battalions of marines.

Fortunately, I had not to swallow of dust in my hole till an old age! Socialism remnants were finally etched, the automobile subject blossomed in the domestic press, the shaft of foreign magazines and books on a car fell upon counters of shops. I quickly found acquaintances in the corresponding circles and since then in the pleasure I compose infinite opuses about movies and cars, filling up with them publishing houses, having then pleasure to thumb through fresh luster where under article there is my name, and receiving regularly envelopes with the Baku tugriks which were the second for me on a zhelannost a thing after a car in due time. a Half of the Baku tugriks I give

to mother because got her grunts about the fact that from me allegedly to a family any to use, on remained I buy the mountain of books and magazines, and also disks with movies, and at me there is a lot of modelek. In the childhood there was toy KITT on remote control, but alas, did not remain... But now - both a green Mustang of the lieutenant Bullit, and Betmobil, and Bond Aston (it is a pity, not a rarity from Corgi Toys with the operating gedzheta), and Ferdinand with Zheglov and Sharapov`s figures, and a heap modelek on animes which I thanks to the communications got even from Japan, and also Mercury, not literally copying, but very similar to the car of Cobras blue Alpin, vtoch as at Misato in Evangelione Thomas - the Flyer, by the form close to Lesley Velikolepny`s car of Big races (it is its concrete historical prototype, the winner of a real marathon of New - York - Paris), and decoration of a collection is the big, executed in all details ESTO model 1 of Hunters for ghosts.

Perhaps, you express me the admiration, and at the same time will wish further success? I have no Christina, Delorian from " yet; Back in the future and Chitti - Chitti - Beng - Beng on whom travel represented my children`s dream (alas, not come true). I do not have a lot of things...

In general, if I did not spend so much money for the hobby, then long ago would buy a real mobile, not Aston of course, but nevertheless not strongly dragged Trade wind. However such boring wheelbarrow and for nothing is not necessary to me. I gather on it not for work to go and not to carry children in school. And if theoretically I had children, I would like to carry them in school on Pakkarda that all their schoolmates faded in admiration as in the childhood very much was ashamed of the father`s Muscovite standing at an entrance among Mercedes and Volvo. Yes, I in the face of all school would leave Pakkard in the stylish Macintosh, a Tyrolean hat, dark glasses and expensive leather gloves, in accuracy as on a self-portrait of the famous advertizing artist Weng Kauffman - in this case I would offer favourite female images in favor of man`s. Even can moustaches grew.

Wish me to inherit from unexpectedly appeared relative in Paris Pakkard and the big mountain of money in addition!]