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In what was mistaken and in what Masaru Emoto talking to water succeeded?

the Majority of the websites devoted to memory of water refer to experiences of the Japanese researcher Masaru Emoto. Numerous photos of crystals of the frozen water after impact on it are provided by various factors. Their variety is given by confirmation of information properties of water.

Water was exposed previously to the following types of influence. Over cups with water music sounded, various images, the written words were shown to water. Near cups certain people and groups of people expressed various emotions. Prayers and abuse were said. And wrote and spoke various languages. Influenced water and various fields, for example, from the working TV. In certain cases in water grains of rice or other products were located.

After each experience water was quickly frozen between two glass plates.

Speed is necessary that molecules of water did not manage to be reconstructed in standard structure of ice and kept the arrangement received at external influence.

In photos it was visible that if near water the abuse was said, abusive words were written, heavy music sounded, there were ugly pictures, then the structure of water was strongly distorted, and photos of ugly crystals turned out. The same turned out if people near water expressed negative emotions or even about something impolitely asked water. If good words were told or written, classical music etc. sounded, then photos of beautiful crystals of ice turned out. From all this conclusions not only about existence at memory water, but also about a wide range of external impacts on it were drawn.

Yes, memory of water exists. But mutual reorganization of molecules of water is carried out only under the influence of the infrasonic frequencies of 1 - 15 Hertz, resonant for them (fluctuations in a second). It is the frequency of fluctuations of crust as a result of the movement of the Moon, it and the frequency of internal processes in a human body. Heart fights with infrasonic frequency, breath is made, internal physiological processes are carried out, information is acquired and expressed, emotions are felt. It and is not surprising - the person for 65 - 80 percent consists of water, and all his activity happens to its frequency.

So water in Masaru Emoto`s experiences was influenced only by a biofield of the people who are near it. Inscriptions, pictures, music, words affected at first people, and were already transmitted through their emotions to water. Also on water the radiation or the image did not act on the TV screen. You remember how about 20 years ago Alan Chumak loaded water via the TV. Many put 3-liter jars with water closer to the TV. And the result was not. Chumak influenced a biofield of the person looking at it. And the biofield already had to influence water. Not everyone had enough power to reconstruct 3 liters. It was necessary to take a glass and to put it closer to itself, but not to the TV since any radiation fades in inverse proportion to a distance square.

The person also remembers information reorganization of structure of molecules of water in a brain. I remember how in my student`s years some at night before examination put the textbook under a pillow. After experiences Masaru Emoto it can accept mass character. As it would be good not to read and remember the book with an infrasonic frequency, as usual, and just to sit in library among books moreover in different languages. The Masaru Emoto opening made revolution in training methods.

Why all this occurred? From - for scientific Masaru Emoto`s ignorances. It could not or did not want to provide purity of experiment. And it is unsurprising. Write that he has no vocational natural-science education. He graduated from municipal university in Yokohama majoring in International relations and after a while in 1992 received the certificate of the doctor of alternative medicine of Open international university of alternative medicine in Calcutta (India). Requirements to receiving doctor`s degree at this university are minimum - one year of training, the publication of five articles and a payment at a rate of 350 US dollars.

The purpose of work of Masaru Emoto - to earn money. Here he succeeded. Its books are around the world published by huge circulations. I saw on sale in Moscow not only its books, but also special cards with the image of the correct snowflakes on which it is necessary to put glasses that water in them was correctly structured (that at the same time occurs - read above). He sells small bottles with correct water, music records for water, jugs for water with the put drawings etc. of

do not give to this charlatan the money!]