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How in the winter to keep a harvest of apples and pears?

As often we feel disappointment when, having grown up and having laid a harvest of the most tasty not nitrate apples on storage, after a while we find the decayed fruits. I give some methods of preservation of a harvest of apples .

Than to process?

not to allow defeat of apples a fungus, fruit before laying it is necessary to take 10 minutes in water solution of a yodinol (it is on sale in a drugstore and it is released without recipe).

In general from all sores perfectly the following rattling mix helps:

- Iodine of crystal 2,5%

- Iodide potassium of 7%

- Starch of 53%

- Baking soda of 2%

- Water of 35,5%.

This everything needs to be mixed (the % is a share of substance in mix) and after that to part with water so that 1% solution was formed.

Further for 1 - 2 minutes immerse apples in liquid, then take out and, without wiping, let`s dry. Result - fruit will be in the thinnest transparent plenochka which is not showered.

Other option: in solution from 100 g of propolis (is on sale in the markets and in drugstores) and 500 ml of 96% of alcohol to lower apples for several seconds, to dry up them and to send for laying.

Carefully! Before the use the processed apples should be washed up carefully!

I pay your attention to a solution consumption: it makes 0,5 l on 100 kg of apples. Rather economically, isn`t it?

Where to store?

Usually for storage are chosen by boxes on 25 kg, but a vykladyvaniye method as a hill on a soft laying, and it is even better on straw or dry leaves, too enjoys popularity. In the latter case not bad over straw and leaves to fill a considerable layer of a dry melissa (mint such), it it is possible to pereslaivat periodically apples when laying a heap.

The last last word in fashion on storage of fruit there was a wraparound of each fruit in a single sheet of thin paper (it is possible tissue). Agree, at 100 kg a harvest procedure of a wraparound - infernal work, there you will not want already any apples! Therefore it is possible to act simpler: to shift paper not each apple, but each layer of apples.

If the volume of a harvest allows also your apples of grades of Antonovk or Kalvil snow, I advise to wrap each apple in the napkin which is poorly moistened with vaseline oil.

In spite of the fact that many of us are deprived of pleasure to have the cellar or a cellar, it is preferable to store all fruit exactly there!

How to store? I Remind

to you that apples need to be stored at a temperature of 0+1 degrees Celsius. However different grades demand various storage conditions. For example, the Rennet Semirenko, Delishes, Boyken, Golden delishes, Pepin shafranny, Uelsi, Rosemary white, Qandil Sinop, Northern Sinop are better stored at a temperature of-1 - 0. And here Antonovka, the Athlete, Kalvil snow, Johnathan prefer temperature of +2-+4 degrees.

At storage needs to try to save apples from fluctuations of temperatures more than 5 degrees, to watch that fruit did not sweat and if misted over, then to carefully dry them.

By the way, optimum relative humidity of air has to be in limits of 90 - 95%.

And still...

Finally I recommend to check more often a condition of a harvest, cleaning the rare vanishing fruits because from sick apples the infection will very quickly extend to healthy.

How long to enjoy pears if they very quickly spoil, much quicker, than apples?!

I Give several simple advice , following which, you will be able to prolong pleasure from eating of pears.

1 - Fruits which you select for storage should not have ANY DAMAGE! This first and main condition! The slightest speck or defect on one pear are capable to destroy a box of magnificent whole fruit in a week. So are on guard! It is better to touch pears at day lighting. Also do not regret that fruits for storage will turn out less, than you assumed, - will be more whole!

2 - This point is continuation previous. All pears for storage have to have whole a fruit stem. Many did not pay attention or do not know at all that the fruit and a fruit stem - a whole and the slightest damage of one will inevitably lead to damage of the second, in our case, at the struck fruit stem the pear long will not lie, i.e. will lie, but not in a look necessary to us.

By the way, meet experts who specially delete fruit stems in order that pears were well stored. How you think, the cut-off pears well are stored? Of course not! Inept gardeners ruin a harvest, infecting with the hands fruit.

3 - All pears for storage have to be dry and pure.

4 - should Stack fruit no more, than in two layers (it is so easier to see a pear which began to spoil and remove it from a container. By the way, if you did not follow, and the pear well began to rot, I advise to remove all fruits which could adjoin to sick fruit. It is better to eat pears intact by sight, than in a week to find a box with decay!)

5 - Between the top and lower layer of fruit put 2 - 3 layers of the newspaper.

6 - If a harvest small, be not too lazy to wrap separately each fruit in a newsprint.

7 - Boxes for storage of pears before use should be checked: they should not injure fruits.

8 - the Bottom and walls of boxes needs to be laid out several layers of a newsprint, besides for prevention of traumatizing fruits.

9 - Optimum temperature for storage of pears - minus 1. If you cannot prevent temperature fluctuations to which pears are extremely sensitive, be ready that fruits will lie on 1 - 2 month less than the expected time.

10 - Try to keep boxes with pears in the darkened place, it would be quite good to cover a container with fruit dark fabric. Pay attention to the following, fabric has to pass air well. And dark plastic bags are not suitable for a nakryvaniye in any way.

11 - come to see your harvest More often and you are not lazy once again to touch fruit.

Well, for storage you made everything that you could. And how to give frozen fruits to a table? I tell. Take pears of 3 - 4 days about one day X in heat, for example, at the room temperature. The skin of your pears will become yellowish, the pulp will be juicy, not tart, will develop remarkable aroma and a taste.

Progress to you with pears!

Successful to you storage and excellent mood! ]