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Whether to participate in running if on the finish you are expected by the Ideal?

Are it all the known expression: Main thing not a victory, but participation . But it is right when on the finish the winner gets a cup, a laurel wreath or an undershirt with the " logo; The Cook - " Coca;. And if instead of them on the finish you imagine a veil and a wedding ringlet?

Having seen the new person who arose on the horizon, surrounded with secret and something blown the mind at once, you suddenly solve: Here IT - the one whom I waited for all the conscious life! . You put on pink glasses, and the whole world around changes at once.

All female talk rotates only around It. Unanimously repeat what is the remarkable person as there is a lot of at him all advantages and, naturally, any shortcoming.

You are in love and lose care and prudence. No councils of close friends and relatives will be able to shake your decision: I need only OH . Even if all unanimously assure that a subject of your enthusiasm to you not couple. Naturally, such talk flies in one ear and, without being late, right there takes off for another. From where to them know that this Man - a limit of dreams of all women? - you think.

No, I do not recommend to listen for their councils. Perfectly I understand that this absolutely useless occupation. Just I want to reflect together with you on this subject. And to indulge in thoughts you should not be persuaded on a subject of your love?

For this purpose it is necessary quietly and a little abstractly to draw a portrait the hero.

But at first ask yourself several questions to deal with the feelings.

1. Honestly answer yourself: Whether you fell into a trap appearance and respectability? You are surrounded same " day by day; characters and they already became familiar. It is more than on the status good friend on your concepts, they do not pull. And suddenly there is a high blonde (the brunette, the brown-haired person) moreover on to an abrupt wheelbarrow .

2. Frequent it is just like that called crowd complex . When all are keen on someone, you curiosity begins to sort too: What can be in this man of it, than he draws attention of most of women?

3. Sometimes overflow doubts: Whether you will be able to make the worthy competition running in the same " direction;? And you in every way try to prove, it is unimportant to itself or people around that it to you on a shoulder.

4. Whether it is necessary for you " now; romantic adventure ? Perhaps, just somewhere the red bulb flashed inside: What do you sit? and you included speed .

If you answered all these questions negatively, then we will go further. Take

a notorious leaflet of white paper, divide into two columns.

Write out everything that hooked on you in this person. In the first column - qualities which belong personally to it. It can be both erudition, and thin sense of humour, and astounding figure elegance and so on. In the second list

make-up . That is: an earring in an ear, a gold chain on a wrist, the smart jeep

the Instruction. Nobody ever will be able to give an absolute guarantee on three points: always to be healthy, rich and eternally to love. Remember that it only make-up from which at good heavy rain there can be nothing, except ugly smudges. You are not fifteen years old, and you know that in life the sun not always shines. As if we did not want it.

And now look whether there are a lot of records in the first column. If there are Reliability, Mind, Kindness and other qualities from category eternal, then it is possible to join safely in wrestling . Why not?

Note. If Prinze was married - it does not matter. The real reason is known only to them to two, and it should not interest you. But if candidate in the prizes negatively speaks of the last companion, believe, it - not a Jack pot and even not a prize of a plastic ball from a ping - a pong.

I wrote this article, meaning women. But, in my opinion, it will suit also men. They look for the half too.

Good luck to you and worthy Prize!]