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What role in lives and health of the person is played by memory of water?

are known to All that the person consists depending on age for 60 - 80% of water. Life is caused by the processes happening to water and by means of water in an organism. The consumption of water needs to be filled up constantly. Requirements to quality of drinking water are obvious. Quality generally was always meant as its purity.

But recently, with deepening of scientific researches to a nanolevel, the thin structural cluster mutually combinations of standard molecules of water called memory of water were found. It turned out that they play in human life a much bigger role, than even a chemical composition of real water. Though water pollution worsen its structure too.

All know about genes now as all human life is defined by them. But genes are microlevel. And on a nanolevel genes for 75% consist of water. In it memory of the previous generations is put too. In long-term cluster structures. Such as features of water in districts where there were born and lived genealogical chains of ancestors.

This sample of structure of water is a health standard for this person.

On the person the structure of the water which is constantly addressing in an organism has a great influence. On it first of all cyclic external influences act on resonant infrasonic frequency. This influence of inclination of the Moon on oscillatory processes of crust around us. It caused the lunar course of our internal clocks in 28 days. Water in our organism feels it and respectively regulates biological rhythms.

The physiological processes proceeding in an organism are even more sensitive to structure of water. The structure is closer to put from the birth, the easier and more effectively they are carried out. Different factors can influence structure of water, and it is necessary to try to reduce their negative part and to increase positive. Whenever possible to avoid negative emotions, and especially others. Distortion of structure of water negative emotions, chemical, biological pollution can even lead to diseases.

Structuring water not only influences functioning of an organism and health, but also allows to carry out reasonable activity. How our memory works? If we see something, we hear, we read or we feel, then this emotional state orders water molecules in our brain. These clusters of memory live already less than long-term - there is a gradual zabyvaniye. Their maintenance and structuring in steadier figures requires repetition. So we study. That knowledge which we often use - are easily available. To remember something almost forgotten, it is necessary to appear in the same emotional state again as once. Everyone can remember such cases in the life.

Many will remember now that they learned about neurons in a brain that they form among themselves communications for storing. But neurons, as well as genes, generally consist of water. Moreover, there are scientific observations that fatty tissue is close to brain tissue on structure and on the content of water, and too takes part in storing. Wrote that pyshnogrudy women possess the best memory and in general it is cleverer.

So our life and activity is directly carried out not just by water, and the structured water with memory. Yes other water also does not happen. Protect not just purity, but also structure of water inside and around yourself!]