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What is sixth power ?

do not try to find this state on the globe. In this case it is not about geographical concept at all. Everything is much simpler. Sixth power in many countries it is accepted to call the press or the press. Perhaps, it will be difficult for someone to understand it as in Russia now even more often the press, that is mass media are called the fourth estate.

And origin history sixth power such is. In England expression " was at first used; fourth estate . For example, the writer Mr. Fielding the fourth estate in society called the people. However in the eighteenth century understand as the fourth estate one, other political force. Say, the army or church were considered as those.

Eventually concept fourth estate assigned to literature and journalism. The writer P. Burke told once that three estates sit at parliament. And in gallery of reporters - the fourth estate. And, much stronger, than all of them. (As everything is high - appreciated journalists!) And further, arguing all in the same spirit, says: Literature - our parliament! .

Then concept fourth estate even more often all used in relation to journalists in the same England. And already in the nineteenth century in Russia appears instead of the concept fourth estate concept sixth power . And to that there is a reasoned comment. The press began to be called so as opposed to great powers which there were five: Russia, France, England, Germany and Avstro - Hungary. Everything together they formed a so-called European concert. And press, that is sixth power in fact, it was allocated with big power and independence. Unfairly, as, all - anyway, it was dependent.

Despite it, the concept sixth power strongly took roots in consciousness of people. It was very often used by publicists when they drew this or that political situation. And not only in Russia. Curiously and another. Concept sixth power entered journalism, and then and the usual speech from the concept fourth estate .

However on it everything did not end. Experts on the Russian literature noticed the following. The famous Russian writer M. Saltykov-Shchedrin made a start from sixth power to create seventh power . The great satirist meant imperial censorship - the censorship given the unusual force and big authority. In the known work In the environment of moderation and accuracy he calls it seventh great power .

In conclusion it is worth noticing that expression sixth power as well as fourth estate it is less and less used in relation to the press. Probably, because all on a habit call the Russian press fourth estate - after executive, legislative and judicial. Well, and as far as it is true, everyone estimates in own way.]