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What influences structural memory of water?

Water, differently focusing the molecules possessing irregular shape and dipolar electric charge can remember information. Water memory size much more exceeds the capacity of any memory devices which are artificially created by the person. To them it is very far to a brain of the person and animals using water of which it generally also consists.

Penetration recently of experimental science in nanooblast, at the level of the sizes of the clusters uniting groups of molecules of water in a certain order and being data carriers allowed to study the phenomena which are considered earlier as mysticism and sorcery.

Water clusters the easiest change the structure with infrasonic frequencies of 1 - 15 Hertz (fluctuations in a second). Own molecular vibrations of water are in this area, and it is easier to shake and develop them.

On coincidence (whether?) the crust fluctuations caused by the movement of the Moon and partly stars have the same frequencies. I already wrote that in each district the combination of such external influences is created. And water in each such district acquires initial structure. People, animals and the plants which are given rise there have such initial record too. Therefore to them not only the smoke of the Fatherland, but also local water is favorable. At the same time, the geopathogenic zones existing in some places, can significantly distort structure of water.

One more coincidence (whether?) - the biofield of the person has such own frequency too.

Though it could be expected since the person (and animals) for 65 - 75% consist of water. Means, any emotional condition of the person registers in water in it too or is transferred to clear water in a vessel or water in an organism of other person. Negative emotions - rage, anger, aggression, unreasonable activity are especially harmful to structure of water. Positive emotions correct water. The distance of influence depends on bio-energetics of the person. Remember that the frequency of fluctuations more them power is lower - the further they are transferred. It is about mechanical oscillations of infrasonic frequency.

Therefore sound vibrations, electromagnetic radiation, radioactivity do not influence structure of water directly, but can influence through a live organism as a repeater. That is, the person on whom impact is made can load water.

By the way, many journalists writing on this subject do not understand these physical mechanisms and repeat any nonsense. Or that it is even worse, intentionally distort the facts for giving of cheap popularity to the articles.

Except infrasounds and biofields, waters can reconstruct structure chemical or biological (for example, viruses) impurity in it. Both initial in various districts, and artificially dissolved or got from the outside. This mechanism is explained by properties of ionovodorodny communications. Molecules in volume of water approach opposite charges charges of the dissolved substance or impurity. And the opposite ends of molecules of water repeat structure of the stuck-around molecule. To them the following molecules of water are attracted and so this structure extends. Sometimes such distortions happen and are useful, for example in homeopathy where small amounts of chemicals reconstruct a large amount of water. And its structure treats without influence of some chemicals.

And how to erase record in structure of water? Very simply. For this purpose it is enough to warm up water. Thermal molecular vibrations will increase. At first they will destroy clusters with weak internal communications, then with stronger. Any structure will collapse at boiling and evaporation of water in the form of separate molecules. And when freezing water of structure of clusters collapse since intermolecular communications in a firm phase of ice are strictly defined and very strong.]