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Whether apple on the head to Newton fell or How to break through in science?

on January 4, 1643, 365 years ago, in the settlement of Vulstorp (the County of Lincolnshire ) Hanna Newton was allowed to from burden by the boy. Her husband, the poor farmer, did not see the firstborn, he died in three months prior to the boy`s birth. From - for the fact that Hanna suffered prolonged anxiety pregnancies in recent months the son was born weak and required special attention.

Some time and was, Hanna spent a lot of time with the kid. But then in her life the priest Barnabas Smith appeared, who agreed to marry the young woman, but only with one indispensable condition: it in the house will not suffer little Isaak. Before mother of future scientist there was a choice: or an opportunity to build a new family, or the son. I think, most of the Soviet women would choose the child, most of modern single mothers - would be shared 50 on 50, and here Hanna, having sent the child to the mother, there was Mrs. Smith.

The grandmother`s love could not replace maternal. Isaak was so incited against the stepfather, stolen mother, that somehow confessed that it is ready to burn the house of Mr. Smith together with him. Of course, desire sadistic, but the children`s protest was heard in heaven, 8 years later after a marriage Mr. Smith died. And 11 - summer Isaak returned to mother who already had three small kids.

Many cares laid down on shoulders of the elder brother, but he did not grumble, rejoicing to the fact that found a family. Only in the late evenings, having put kids to bed, he did not fall asleep itself, and read books. But soon kids began to be associated at it with hated Mr. Smith, and therefore Isaak became a hermit in the house of mother. Ceased to pay attention to it, and it plunged into scientific books more and more deeply.

It was even heavier to come to Cambridge to the simple rural guy in the middle of the 17th century, probably, than now. But Newton by 17 years had such knowledge to which could not but pay attention simply. It was admitted to this prestigious educational institution, but very few people know that Isaak managed to receive at the same time in 1665 two degrees at once: bachelor of mathematical sciences and of the bachelor of fine arts (verbal sciences).

By then Newton already made a peculiar discovery, being engaged in studying of a problem of light refraction. But it was attracted to themselves and by other directions, in particular, magnetism. The special impression on it was made by the book of Dzhilbert About magnets with which the young researcher got acquainted during study. And most of all it the report of Robert Hooke , the researcher of heavenly mechanics who that read on March 21, 1666 at a meeting of the London royal society struck . It was the report on experiences over change of gravity depending on distance of the falling body concerning the center of Earth.

And after a while in London some infection which laid thousands of people on hospital beds burst. On the city the hearing rustled: plague. Also secret shout was distributed: escape who can! One of the first London abandoned Newton. Where he could run? Only in Vulsport, to mother. What he also made First mother counted

that in her house there was on one male hands more. But already later couple of days she saw that to use with 23 - summer Isaak on a penny. It prolezhivat long summertime under an apple-tree, attentively considering the apples which are poured juice. And once dawned on it: having presented that apple is the Moon, he made the ingenious discovery called then by the Law of universal gravitation.

Whether apple fell to it on the head? It is unlikely. In - the first, by the beginning of June when Newton the law formulated for itself, apples did not ripen yet, and, in - the second, witnesses were not. So of Newton told the legend to the niece of Voltaire , that gave her to the uncle, and nobody was going to doubt words of of Voltaire, his authority was rather high.

Why for Newton history with apple was necessary? Only for the distracting maneuver. If was not become well-known apple, Isaak should explain long how he managed thus to shovel Hooke`s theory to output the Law of universal gravitation.

By the way, Robert Hooke was not going to give up, repeatedly claiming that else long before opening of the Law of universal gravitation by Newton, it hundred times provided his basic provisions in the reports. Here also apple was useful. As it was impossible to open the fundamental law of a hydrostatics without indispensable immersion of Archimedes in a bathtub. Or to say the phrase: And all - it spins! without inquisition court session where Galileo Galilei`s forced to renounce the theory that Earth rotates around the Sun, and not vice versa. And meanwhile, both Archimedes`s bathing, and the well-known phrase of Galileo - is no more, than a beautiful legend. Galileo was a sane person and understood that it is enough one this phrase to appear on a fire. At most, where he could say this sedition, only in conversation with friends to whom he trusts of

Newton`s Opposition - Hooke proceeded practically to the death of the last. And it played an important role in science because everyone looked for each other fleas, declaring someone else`s theory wrong. And mistakes, really, came to light and improved. The theory was perfected in practice

With the same vindictive rage of Newton treated also Wilhelm Leibniz who dared to challenge Isaak`s superiority in the invention of calculation of infinitesimal sizes. There is no mention about that how many time which matured Newton in a fit of temper promised to burn Hooke`s house and Leibniz`s house together with their owners As we see

, in science, as well as in the tram, ability to move elbows sometimes leads to positive result. Do not consider for sedition, but I am almost sure that if Robert Hooke the first thought up the apple which fell on the head, the Law of universal gravitation would be called by his name

A apple still helped more than once science. The same socialist - the utopian Francois Fourier swore that opened one of the economic laws only thanks to apples. Much, probably, rather interestingly will be to learn that the apple-tree under which lay Newton for many years turned into a fetish. It was long stored for edification of posterity and as soon as a nachla to dry up, was cut down and turned into a historical monument in the form of a bench.

Itself, despite health, weak at the birth, in further life was ill Newton very seldom and quietly passed away in London on March 31, 1727, on 85 - m to year of life. Many are convinced that he lived so long from - for the fact that until the end of days he remained a virgin. In my opinion, it is nonsense: my grandfather died on 95 - m to year, and at the same time at them with the grandmother was born five children ]