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Whether it is useful to spend winter holidays in tropical countries?

If the thermometer behind a window show temperature not above minus 20 degrees, then the prospect to spend long-awaited winter holidays in tropical countries, under the scorching beams of the southern sun, seems very attractive. Really, rounds to the exotic countries is a magnificent solution of the eternal question where and how to spend holidays . Fresh air, a genial sunshine, the warm sea, gold dust

As a rule, in the winter constant companions of many people become depressions, stresses, fatigue, fast fatigue. That to get rid of them, often happens to change a situation enough. And the best decision, in a similar situation, is the trip to tropical countries. It can be compared to a contrast shower, only, of course, much more effective. The sun, as we know, exerts positive impact on a human body which is especially important among winter when constant shortage of a sunlight is felt.

But, on the other hand, the winter holidays spent in the hot regions can do very noticeable harm to health if at its planning some important nuances were not considered.

So, when planning a trip it is impossible to forget that on our organism the great influence is exerted by climatic conditions which change can lead to unpleasant consequences. To be reconstructed, the organism needs some time. Especially important it for the vacationers suffering from diseases warmly - vascular system.

At any change of conditions of environment there are changes and in work of an organism. If the organism something is weakened, for example, by an illness, then its accustoming to other conditions is accompanied by difficulties that, in turn, can cause a general malaise and discomfort which do not promote fine rest at all.

Not less dangerous factor influencing development and an exacerbation of such diseases it is warm - vascular system as the hypertension and hypotonia, is surplus of ultraviolet rays. Besides, it can lead to developing of skin diseases, an obvetrivaniye and dehydration, and also to an allergy. Therefore, at first especially carefully control duration of solar bathtubs, you do not seek to gain chocolate suntan in the first day of holiday.

The great attention should be paid to transition from our habitual diet to various exotic dishes. The organism has to manage to pass to other type of a metabolism, and new structure of products, strange combinations of different dishes and local water can interfere with painless transition considerably.

Thus, sharp change of climatic conditions, an excess dose of sunshine and abundance of exotic food can become for an unprepared organism a serious stress that, in turn, will lead to a general malaise or unexpected diseases which will spoil all long-awaited holiday. Therefore if your organism is weakened because of a recent serious illness or on any by others to the reasons, you should not risk. Spend winter holidays in more habitual conditions. If your only problem is the fatigue, and for the rest you are almost healthy, then winter holiday in the exotic countries will not bring you anything, except advantage.]