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How the usual dictophone can improve your life even if you not the journalist?

About existence of dictophones are known by many people. But not everyone uses them. And in vain. The scope of dictophones is rather wide.

For example, they can be used in journalism. Or when writing usual school compositions. And that, it is very convenient! As a rule, when you begin to write article or the composition, long you deliberate, thoughts run up because there is a lot of them, and often forget about what you wanted to tell at this or that moment. Therefore I use this simple reception. I include a dictophone, I tell everything that I consider it necessary, everything that comes to my mind.

And after that I listen to record, I record all this already with the computer, I edit, I correct errors further, consider that at me the most part of work on writing of the article / composition is ready. There is such quite interesting reception. And that is curious, five minutes of record on a dictophone give you article of the A4 format. I.e. article of quite normal decent volume. And if to write the text of the composition by hand to notebooks, then about two pages will turn out.

Use of a dictophone in usual life - a thing very useful and necessary. For example, I for the child make entries on a dictophone of fairy tales, verses, then I include to it, and he with great pleasure listens. And who to you prevents to make the same? You for certain heard about existence of audiobooks? And so also create the audiobook for the child! Only your child will listen to this audiobook with a great interest as on it your voice will be recorded!

It is also possible to teach the child to verses. Agree, the 100th time in a row to repeat aloud the same verse it is problematic. You smozolit language, in a throat will dry up. For certain someone already faced this problem. And so 2 - 3 times were read by a rhyme itself, and other 97 times let language makes callous the computer. And you will have a rest meanwhile.

Now to a question directly of a dictophone. I used 3 types of dictophones in the practice.

The first type of dictophones with which I got acquainted it is a dictophone in my own mobile phone. It is the diktofonchik giving record approximately for 5 minutes. Thus, one record - one article. But I not really liked to work with this dictophone though, perhaps, in some phones this function is made more qualitative.

One moment which was pleasant to me is that it is portable. It can be carried, written down with itself everywhere. But there is in it one very unpleasant shortcoming. Record - rather silent and when you speak quietly, and then you listen to written down, it is necessary to strain hearing. And in order that record was rather loud, it is necessary to speak very loudly.

The second inconvenience - if you want to rewrite record on the computer, special wires are necessary. But I personally by means of wires of record did not rewrite.

The following type of dictophones which can be used is a special dictophone which is on sale in shop. Its price approximately from 2000 rub and above. For this dictophone, generally use batteries. Batteries last approximately for 6 - 7 hours of record. And then it is necessary to buy new.

Pluses of this dictophone are that it figurative and on it record sounds much more loudly, than at phone. And minus is that constantly it is necessary to be spent for batteries. You buy cheap batteries, they very quickly sit down. You buy expensive, like Enerdzhayzer, and for 2 batteries you give 70 rubles at once. It is possible to use wires, but then your dictophone can be used only on the place.

And the following type of dictophones which I used in the practice and which I prefer all rest is a diktofonchik which is in the computer. For this record there is a special free program which is called svrecorder . It is an applet which can be downloaded free of charge from the Internet. She does not even demand installation on the computer. The program is very simple in use. What in it it was pleasant to me? The first moment is that record is made at once on your computer in the MP3 format. I.e. record does not need to be transferred specially in other formats.

One more main plus is that record turns out enough high quality and loud in comparison with a dictophone a figurative and telephone dictophone. This record - the loudest and the best quality, in my opinion. The only minus that you will not transfer this dictophone somewhere. But, besides, if to make connection not to the computer, and to the figurative laptop, then this dictophone will turn into the same portable. Therefore I most of all liked such diktofonchik with this applet. The only thing that else it is necessary for its application - to buy in shop any microphone of rubles for 100 (if in the laptop there is no built in).

As you can see, the dictophone is very simple and easy thing which can fine help with usual life of the ordinary person, but for some reason very few people think of it. Perhaps, consider it insignificant, maybe, consider it too expensive, or in general as destiny of professional journalists. But, nevertheless, use of a dictophone in usual life - a thing very useful and necessary.

Agree, for any person this thing will be very useful. Here, perhaps, and everything that I wanted to tell in this article. Simply? Yes! Progress to you. Good luck.]