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How the Moscow patriarch in the Lent ate?

Historians are grateful to the bureaucrats of former times with different degree of conscientiousness executing the sad debt. Production of those offices gives us today the chance to see in detail as there passed life of the people separated from us for centuries. No memoirs, any lampoons of contemporaries and descendants can be compared to such sources on reliability and accuracy of data.

The Fodder book 7132 - go years for example, day by day fixed that moved on a table of the Moscow patriarch Filaret in 1623. Let`s look what was for the prelate food in the Lent.

On Monday the first weeks of the Lent of February in the 9th day the St. patriarch had no kushenye also estva not derzhano.

On Tuesday. February in the 10th day the table kushenye was given a kapustka colored ice cold palace.

On Wednesday February in the 11th day the kushenye was in a wooden mansion stewed fruit with millet Sorochynsk yes with shefrany yes with pepper yes from berry, a kapustka ice cold, peas zobanets, kernels almond, berries vinnyya on rozhnik tridevyat berries, horse-radish, grenochka, a gorshechik mazuny with pepper, a gorshechik mazuny with ynbiry, a gorshechik mazuny with a saffron, walnuts.

On Thursday February in the 12th day estva not derzhano.

On Friday February in the 13th day the kushenye was in krestovy chamber honor with the whole onions yes with kvashena pepper vinegar, the cabbage of a sechen is small, fungi tyapony without oil, purpose fungi without oil, peas hlebanets without oil, a lopsha pea without oil, a kernel almond, walnuts, stewed fruit a medical vein kvass with millet yes with yzyumy with a saffron yes with pepper, a gorshechik mazuny with ynbiry, a gorshechik mazuny with a saffron, grenochka, turnip boiled a reason in slices with vinegar yes with horse-radish, 2 dishes of figs on rozhnik, a strip melon, the strip water-melon, treacle, apples, cherries, at a table at the sovereign of the patriarch of a fir-tree arkhimarit chudovsky, the abbot Novinskoy, the archdeacon z bratyeyu and from Chudovo of the monastery of clerks and in other table ate bogorodtsky 2 deacons .

I think, it is enough to quote, it is time to interpret. Most of all, probably, the reader is interested not in a daily routine of the patriarch, not the list of the persons invited by a feast and not the place of a meal (though data on it are in a source). And actually fast food, compounding, that is. Something among the listed foods is obvious, and something can be understood only with the dictionary.

For example what is it - millet Sorochynsk ? Fig. And " stewed fruit;? Or drink from berries, fruits, boiled on honey, beer, kvass. Or the seasoning with spices given to various foods (for example, fish).

And what it mazunya, is rich present at the quote? It appears, this food from a pounded dried radish on honey treacle. By the way, the source of the 16th century contains also the recipe of preparation: Delati of a mazuna: a retka which would be healthy itself you cut in thin chunks, zdevat on a thread of a hvostsym and you will jerk on the sun .

And as to you figs on rozhnik ? These are the grapes or figs dried put on the thin pointed sticks. Grenochki - those toasts, which and nowadays at us in the use. " peas; zobanets - when by it it is welded in water until comes off it, or the thin skin " will burst on it;

On Lent Saturdays and Sundays his food fish and vegetable moved to the patriarch and guests. Caviar - payusny, sigovy, lukonny Armenian herring steam on " steam; salmon pro-solo, a pike yes 5 perches yes the bream in an ear are live shchuchina fresh-salted dishes, links sturgeon shekhonsky . And, of course, fish dry, dried - white rybitsa lososhka sturgeons Shti snyatka a semzhina with vinegar yes with " garlic; a salmon link fresh with a lemon Fish soup - shafranny, black, pike, seldevy, okunevy Beluzhina, stevryuzhina, sturgeon, sterlyadina One this transfer dements the fan of fish kitchen!

And right there - the kapustka soared kapustka grety fungi tyapany a lapshitsa sour with wine " vinegar; Wine Rennes, romaneya, beer barley with hop and mint, fruit Meda

Day by day - abundance fast dishes, a feast with a large number of guests of the patriarch. At a table, by the way, there were not only boyars, noblemen, priests. It was accepted to do charity work, and at a patriarchal table the high priest of beggars and foolishes treated. The part of dishes went in distribution - it was sent to the patriarchal attendants who were absent at a table. Giving went to the prisoners who are also distressed in prisons.

Of course, so carried out the Lent, as well as other posts in a yearly cycle, not only the patriarch Filaret. As the same documents testify, food of his successors on a patriarchal throne was not less refined. We will do right thing if we do not make bold to give any estimates to our ancestors. Simply - so was!]