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Tatiana Day or Students` Day?

In Russia celebrate so many holidays that, probably, most of the population of the country does not need and to remind of what holiday approaches. There is enough only the name, and date of a holiday was already postponed in consciousness of people. For example, the Victory Day is associated since May 9, New year - since December 31, Women`s Day - since March 8 etc. Thus, the Tatiana Day traditionally is considered a holiday of pupils, i.e. day of student`s youth. With 18 - go centuries and on our time any higher education institution does not do without this cheerful holiday.

The Tatiana Day prevailed the name on behalf of the Saint great martyr Tatiana. This holiday was celebrated on January 12 (on old style), and now we celebrate it on January 25.

Tatiana was born in a Christian family of the rich Roman at the time of board Alexander Sever, opponent of Christian belief. In those days pagans executed Christians, and Tatiana was not an exception. On a legend when by its force order on worship to Appolon`s temple, there was an earthquake in which many pagans in the temple died. But it did not stop torturers. Speak, gave it to lions on worry, but animals did not touch it, then wanted to burn it, but fire died away. As a result of it destroyed, but did not force to refuse belief.

In 1755 the empress Elizabeth signed the decree About establishment of the Moscow university in honor of memory of the Saint great martyr Tatiana. The opening day of university was followed by celebrations. All notable persons were invited in internal rooms where they were treated to liqueurs and wines, tea, coffee and different sweets. And so it happened that Tatiana in translation from Greek into Russian means a name - the founder, an ustroitelnitsa. The church for the sake of the Saint great martyr was nearby built. And this holiday was always marked by a prayer.

Alexander Polezhayev, being a student, on command of the administration wrote The verses said at reminiscence of day of foundation of the Moscow university, on January 12, 1826 :

Delight, delight, pets of muses!

In this day blessed

of Sciences and happiness the

union We celebrate sacred!

In the middle of 19 - go centuries the Tatiana Day became an informal student`s holiday. This holiday consists of two bodies to this day: official and informal. This day traditionally distributed awards, diplomas, in every possible way encouraged to study. Professors, lecturers, doctors of university, lawyers, teachers acted. The main idea of official part of a holiday also consisted in it. And here in the evening actually the informal part also began: the student`s brotherhood dispersed on taverns and pothouses that on - black to pass on couple of liqueur glasses. But those who had Tatyana`s acquaintances had the greatest number of occasions to drink. Police officers received the order not to take away students for political speeches from the administration. Students sang the student`s anthem everywhere:

Long live Tatyana, Tatyana, Tatyana.

All our brothers is drunk, all is drunk, all is drunk...

In Tatyanin nice day...

- And who is guilty? Unless we? - asks one voice, and the chorus answers: - Is not present

! Tatyana!

I pick up hundreds of voices:

Long live Tatyana!.

are sung also other couplets: the soloist begins, asks a question, and the chorus answers.

Lev Tolstoy scolds Us, scolds

I does not order to drink to us, does not order, does not order

I alcoholism convicts!.

And who is guilty? Unless we?

No! Tatyana!

Long live Tatyana!

In a flawless pocket, defect, defect

cannot be Tatyana, Tatyana, Tatyana. All are empty


Are put hours...

And who is guilty?.

And so on.

In this to a dentakzha student`s vacation began, and this event for students is the most long-awaited.

With Day of students you, dear students!]