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The great theorem of Fermat of the principles of creation of uniform language

When we speak, we act to in advance prepared texts or without them, we tell jokes, fables, stories, fairy tales, about book contents, we take various examinations, I will eat, we do not think how words are written what alphabet where to put punctuation marks, about punctuations and others. Here still it is necessary to notice that in the history of development of humanity there were periods when people without attending any schools and without getting any education, spoke logically - made oral texts. Now is in the world illiterate, and they too among themselves speak. The child in 3 years before visit of schools speak, deaf-mutes speak among themselves gestures - columns and understand them in the world. and now to introduce

In the past in life of any project, and even to publish article in newspapers, magazines which meet all requirements of each person of the world there are huge painful questions and answers, difficult overcomings of terminological barriers and finding of common language. And still it is necessary recognizes from the fact that we were and there is artificial intelligence which is brought up, spoiled, perverted, but, but old branches human consciousness are tempered in fight for preservations and maintenance: the person has to die also a consequence, following from this statement. So many ideas remained in papers.

to us should recognize that the low level of scientific views of last times, observation data are insufficient, inexact, imperfections of ways and means of research did not give the chance for strong statements about emergence, developments of Time and Life. Therefore the principles have to work accurately: You want to receive the clever answer - ask cleverly . Sciences, educations, religions and languages existed and exist for those who do not know their sense . Do not wait for the help of Time and Life, they go about the own business as a bee family, without receiving money and wealth, so they need your help in welfare . Riches and money - things without which it is possible to live happily. Welfare - the things necessary for happiness of Mankind.

Modern life of Mankind are inconceivable without language, natural numbers and counts - reached everyone the hour of triumph. The advantage them was found lately when the communication channels containing forms of placement, storage, processing, receptions, and transfers, real-life information in any language by means of figures and words - counts are open.

Really, all alphabets, words, figures, symbols, punctuation marks and offers - is columns. Using properties of counts, grammar and natural numbers, we will receive, the basic concepts: coordinates, name, monad and weight. And also when, the sizes that, colors and the directions which serve as basis - the base for introduction any theory in human life and give the grounds for creation of uniform science, education and language.

Is clear that each languages consist of n of quantity of sounds - words. Writings - representations of sounds - words in the form of counts: alphabets and symbols.

From quantity of sounds - words are formed dictionaries in lexicographic order, i.e. each word has number. Using words and symbols, make offers that are realized in a written or sound form. Then each languages are set by the dictionary and rules of creation of offers - grammar. With their help logically speak, or write any text. When we write, we use letters of the alphabet and symbols - the count`s tops. Words consist of work of letters - the count`s tops, connect edges. Conversation or the letter - offers turn out addition of words - sounds, and symbols, and the count is constructed.

If any problem is reduced to columns, then it is reduced to the solution of integer linear programming of the size n x n. Decisions are consolidated to system of 2 linear equations with 2 variables. It showed, the fresh wording and the proof of the great theorem of Fermat. by

In each language to choose 5000 words which are often used in informal conversation where each word has number. Their each people of the world are called in own way. As called, beautifully did not write, an orchestra sang, as if did not edit, but, from it does not lose the value, and remain constants. It is clear, that to each word there corresponds the natural number. The translation of natural numbers from one language on another is always exact, and it allows to synthesize effective algorithms and on this basis to make a complex of programs.

Algorithms and programs can be compared to blind people who with the sticks passes certain distances in one and reverse sides. Algorithms and programs to consider effective when blind these distances pass as healthy people, with excellent zreniye and do not lose health.

the Bulgarian experts created prefixes - translators to phones more than 300 languages. Now to finish them to all languages of the world. Then usovershenstvuya prefixes - translators it is possible to create the communication channels containing forms of placement, storage, processing, receptions, and transfers, real-life information in any language. Further all people of the world can speak and write in the language, but each other will instantly understand. To provide each inhabitant of Earth with mobile phones with translators.

Thus, a problem of creation of uniform world language is completely solved. Problems are solved: drawing up the text and the translations from one language in others in a written and oral form to automate - to get rid of paperwork. And also training terms at schools, higher education institutions and other educational institutions it will sharply be reduced, disappears need of translators. Then divisions of people into nationalities, the nations, the tribe, religion, the state and others are wrong.

we will clone further eternal and ideal intelligence, and they - that have to know and understand all languages of the world - without using translators.

About the solution of other problems of Mankind in tm. iatp. net.]