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What people are? Audiala.

One my acquaintance complained to me: one young man » does not pay attention to me any;. The girl who told about this problem was very nice and usually admirers at it was enough. The fact that the fellow who is lovely to it ignores it very much was not pleasant to this my acquaintance. On a question of that, how exactly she tried to attract attention the young man, the girl admitted that she unsuccessfully made eyes, smiled to it and put on in the best dresses.

At the same time the guy, according to my acquaintance perfectly communicated with other maidens who curled around it crowds . This girl did not get used to approach the first young people and as a result nearly a week quietly dried on the new hobby, remaining in the shadow of its inattention. Calculation of my acquaintance was simple: I well knew as it, and this guy who very much was pleasant to it. The girl asked from me to think up something like that what would induce the guy to approach her and to start acquaintance.

I promised to look that can be made, and itself just did not know why Mischa (names, of course, are changed and the described events are placed with the consent of heroes here) does not look at Dasha. The part of its plan for a gain of the beautiful girl can do it? But this guy not from those who build strategy of the relations . And only then I suddenly remembered that Mischa almost pure audiat. It completely changed a situation.

Audiat the most bigger amount of information about the world receives by means of organs of hearing. Orintirovochno every fourth person in the world - audiat. If to draw psychological caricature on such person, he can be represented as the hare with huge ears, a small mouth and points on the place of eyes.

Audial can be recognized that if he describes the feelings, a situation which witness became or just occurring around then uses special words - keys. Here some of phrases and the expressions giving an audial: I listen Listen! As here it is silent! You Hear? To me nothing is heard! and so forth. Of course, these words are told by all of us, but some people from our

environment like to use them more, than others. As a rule, it is also audiala.

Whether the truth the fact that the girl is auditory? Yes, if it - audiat. But audiala - men are more susceptible too to noodles which they give short weight ears, than to diamonds before eyes. My hand reached for the mobile phone and I with enthusiasm taught Dasha how it is necessary to work. I think to you, dear reader several councils can be useful for communication with audiala too.

1. Use in the speech words - keys. For an audial all this that, as for hearing.

2. If you constantly communicate with audialy, then try to pay more attention to sounds which surround you. Share with it the feelings from heard. It will adjust his subconsciousness on a trust wave to you. Main thing - be not false and try to be sincere. It is hardly worth claiming that you suddenly heard the song of a mountain stream when in practice someone uses a flushing tank in the room known to you.

3. You tell her or him AS MUCH AS POSSIBLE SWEET WORDS. Notice, insufficiently, that they were just beautiful. It is necessary to tell them also a pleasant voice. Also you remember that ears of an audial - fine lie detector.

Dasha listened to my recommendations and the next day with pleasure and loudly stirred with the girlfriend near Mischa, at the same time loudly and infectiously laughing. On the same day the guy ignoring before our heroine began to stare at her. Soon they even began to meet, however, these relations not really long proceeded. Offensively even. The fact that they remain friends also today consoles. Here what is done by control to an audial!

Besides audial of people divide into visual learners, kinestetik and » computers;. To each of these groups the approach is necessary. That it is frictionless and it is productive to communicate with people, it is necessary to know them. For this purpose I also touched upon this subject. Moreover, to some of these groups also you belong! Here also let`s understand it.