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How to prepare for Unified State Examination in mathematics?

Ya - the tutor on mathematics for the senior school students and students. So it turned out that the last year I am engaged generally in preparation for USE. Uniform state exam appeared in Russia recently, and casts panic horror over school students. And in vain. I will tell you the thoughts of USE. I hope that they will help you to estimate advantages of this form of examination and will reduce fears.

1. USE advantages.

of USE are afraid of u and abuse. A huge number of high school and school teachers criticize examination. And they are in many respects right since at USE there are a lot of shortcomings. But I suggest to treat it as realities (we cannot cancel examination) and to think of its advantages. In my opinion, advantages are:

1. An opportunity to study from success to success.

From - for extensive idle time parts A the pupil is forced to solve a large number of simple examples which at it turn out. He improves the skills and feels successful.

2. An opportunity to show knowledge of a basic level.

of USE are a good examination for those who study on 3 - 4. Earlier such person could not solve any of 6 - 7 examples at entrance examination, now he can show the knowledge of a basic level. Preparation for group A cancels a sad situation which often occurred on training courses: the teacher a half of occupation sorts a difficult and beautiful example, the part of pupils understands, and others just sit and feel idiots .

3. The probability of a failure at examination decreases. you it is a lot of

U tasks and the price of a mistake is not so high, unlike the standard examination-paper including 6 - 10 examples. I know four people who by means of USE could enter to the university inaccessible to them earlier (at old examination system). It is HSE, academy of Plekhanov, Financial Academy. In these higher education institutions traditionally difficult examinations. My pupils solved group A and the most part of group B and arrived, having gathered a lowest passing score. USE just insures you from sophisticated examples and tasks which understand on training courses and are calculated on elimination of those who on courses did not study. While society abuses USE, people really arrive, thanks to the persistence and the correct preparation.

2. Literature.

of the Book: variants of tasks for carrying out USE; collections of tasks for carrying out USE. These books differ in the fact that in one case you buy the collection of options (10 - 30 pieces), in another - the tasks broken on subjects. For preparation I recommend to have at least one collection of tasks and 3 - 4 books of options. Ideally, on options it has to be written FIPI " is recommended;.

Websites: the quite good website at the FIPI most institute. There you will find options of last years, publishing houses which books the institute recommends, the training program. Be guided by them. Will help you with other Yandex.

3. How to prepare for USE. understood

Ya that it is necessary to prepare for USE in advance, considering features of this examination. Here my thoughts of preparation for USE:

At first hold testing: solve one or two options of USE. If you had problems with group A, begin to work it.

At first work group A. Then, irrespective of your level, 1 - 3 time a week solve by one option, since group A. Support the level. Even if it seems to you that everything is clear, do not regret 20 minutes for repetition of group A. Consider it as warm-up.

For working off of group A it is bought one or two collections of tasks, in each subject you solve every third example (it is possible to solve every second or every fourth - at your choice; main thing that you captured all types of examples).

Be engaged systematically - for example, every other day - two on an hour. Correctly to solve a large number of examples, the fulfilled equipment of decisions is necessary. To be mistaken in group A it is offensive since examples simple, and mistakes speak only about not got the hand .

When you will be close to the termination of group A, pass to part B. In parallel do not forget to buy new options and to decide that you are already able. In group B it is worth beginning with standard " tasks; which meet in the majority of options of USE (they are 3). These tasks are quite monotonous, it is easy to sort them with the teacher. As a result you will have a decision 3 - x problems of group B. From this point at the solution of options surely solve these types of tasks.

the Part of tasks of group B too standard, but on their analysis is required more time. It is a task in geometry, a task in stereometry, a text task. If you understand that you will not master geometry, and remained to time before examination a little, then solve other problems. Especially as tasks in geometry are noted by an asterisk.

In group C too several types of tasks which can be sorted for one occupation are. Be not torn to master group C at once. Perhaps, you do not have sense at all to solve these problems, especially if mathematics at you not a profile subject. In my opinion, it is worth passing to group C if you well solve group A, more than a half of tasks of group B, and on assimilation of one task of group C is required to you no more than 2 - x occupations. If you feel that you with simpler examples at you so far difficulties, stop on them better. USE gives you the choice, what tasks to solve since there is a lot of tasks.

Be engaged systematically, noting time.

Several times pass the trial Unified State Examination. It is important to you to get used to a new form of examination not to be mistaken at registration. The trial Unified State Examination can be passed at school or in the special center (see FIPI website).

While the others abuse or are afraid of USE, I advise you to be engaged, and you will see that the result will be good. If you consider pluses and features of new examination, then it will bring you success. Good luck!]