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It well served us, this myth about Christ.

Pope Leo X, 16th century.

The astronomy and astrology in far historical times were uniform, and position of planets not only was observed, but also treated. Christian the husband wisely used these supervision and, the related pagan holidays in the purposes. Logically then having recognized astrology as heresy. we Will look at

at least on the holidays celebrated in our calendars after equinoxes and solstices on March 21, on June 21, on September 21 and on December 21. from the point of view of astronomy and astrology.

Astronomers of the first centuries of Christianity marked out them, on average, for four days after reality when the respective areas of the sky already clearly were shown in the east before sunrise. They counted then not the moments of closing with the sun of the corresponding stars that it is impossible to see with the naked eye, but real emergence them in the east.

The treatment from the point of view of holiday " astronomy is interesting; Annunciation . The message fact to the maiden Maria the messenger of the sky (a comet in Virgo constellation) about the forthcoming conception of the savior of people, is carried to March 25 when at midnight the star Maiden kulminirut and when Jesus`s symbol - a star Aries - plunges into fire of an evening dawn, that is brings itself in the victim of burned sacrifice for sins of people .

Holiday Christmas of the savior of the world it is carried for December 25 when its second heavenly symbol - the star Zmiyederzhets (13 - e constellation in an astrological calendar) holding the Serpent of knowledge of good and evil already appears from fire of a morning dawn. At this time the Maiden just kulminirut

over the southern part of the horizon.

Group of small asterisks - the Day nursery, with the asterisks standing near them, the Donkey and the She-ass, in the highest of zodiac constellations - Cancer. At midnight same on December 25 heavenly Day nursery, a prototype of in what, according to the legend, was born savior of people reach the highest situation over the earth.

In this regard sounds also a Christmas Carol of Christians which all poetry only the person knowing and loving the star sky and listening to this anthem can understand looking at it. This anthem in izjyasnitelny translation:

The Maiden (in the sky) dnes gives birth to Prezhdesushchestvovavshego (Sun), and the earth a grotto with the Day nursery to it, Unapproachable, brings; Messengers (constellations) with pastors (Bootes stars) eulogize

, magicians (three stars of Orion) behind a star travel. For the sake of us the young child - eternal god (Sun) " was born;.

As these words become clear and simple in an astronomical simvolistika!

Here second cantata: Your Christmas, Christ, our god, began to shine to the world light of reason because in it employees to stars (i.e. astrologers magicians) a star (Akhernary the 6th the heavenly river of Eridane) learned to bow to you, to the Sun of the truth, to recognize you from East height. Glory to you, lord!

Is same also the third Christmas cantata: I See (above) sacrament strange and preslavny: the sky is a grotto, the Maiden (the ascending constellation) is a God`s throne of chariots (planets), a heavenly Day nursery is a receptacle in which nevmestimy god (Sun) " reclined;.

Birth savior of people from the maiden who did not have the husband directly speaks about Virgo constellation through which in September when the Byzantine year began, there passes the Sun.

In the same way stars also are reflected in the Epiphany anthem on January 6 relating povidimy, already to Orion leaving Heavenly Jordan (Eridan`s constellation) in which just appeared (owing to a precession in the years of drawing up this anthem) over the southern horizon of Palestine Others Star (Akher Nar).

In Jordan bathing to you, to the Lord, troychesky worship was. Roditelev a voice testified to you, the son loved you calling, and spirit, in a look pigeon (Columba constellation), testified confirmation of the word. Be, Christ my God, and the world educate, glory to you!

And also: The water nature Is consecrated today, and Jordan is divided, lifting streams of the waters (i.e. Eridan ascends in the east), seeing the lord ( Others Star ) bathing in himself.

In all these songs we see only enthusiastic symbolic praise of the phenomena of the star sky with what they also are found really these days every year.

are Not less interestingly noted by Christian holidays and two other cardinal points of the sky, i.e. area of a summer solstice and the vernal equinox.

For June 24, i.e. on a summer solstice (in the same way defined nearly three days later valid) John the Baptist`s birth, or the Forerunner who sprinkled Jesus with heavenly water in Jordan because star Aquarius is ahead of the Sun at this time as symbol of the creator of the sky and earth, in its daily roundabout is carried.

Conception of Ioann provided that had to be referred, of course, for nine months earlier so this holiday naturally fell on September 23 and, thus, got under protection of the Aries, kulminiruyushchy this midnight. It turns out that Aquarius the Sprinkler comes in the West, and heavenly Jordan ascends in the east together with Orion, a symbol of Jesus leaving water, i.e. the Aries.

Thus it subverts superiority of constellation of the Taurus, reaches a culmination point at sunrise in Virgo constellation when Aquarius the Sprinkler for a long time underground. Words of evangelists on behalf of Ioann are explained by it: following me is stronger than me and it should ascend, and to me to go down .

On book " materials; Christ N. A. Morozova.]