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Both laughter, and tears over a bottle?

Change. Having fast pulled a kurtyonka, I run out to smoke (I admit, I have such weakness) for a corner of university.

I run out and I stumble about some, me in a hurry unnoticed, a subject. I get accustomed. A bottle of 0,7 liters from - under the cheap wine called in the people to " ink; shmurdyaky marmutinsky plodovo - favorable - each in his own way.

I look narrowly at a label. Ooh, you! - Delight . It is clear, someone was in time already to be charmed . It becomes suddenly ridiculous. No, at all not because, that enterprising students whether pokhmelyatsya, whether are warmed (February everything is), without departing from establishment of education far.

Simply People! If to you it becomes sometime sad, come into shop and look narrowly at shelves of wineproducing department. Especially pay attention to this most plodovo - favorable . I do not know that you will test, but personally I have an obsession for a long time: to look on that (or on those) who invents names for this type of production.

Why? And that is why. Autumn and Spring - it still anything. Though, there is a logical question too: where put summer and winter ? Or in the summer and do not drink in the winter? As Stanislavsky spoke: I do not trust!

Blackened under the name Alesya . Good, of course, name. It is good that I Katya am called And the other day to me also Vasilisa on sale met.

Sounds " more abruptly; Bell vesper - drank in the afternoon, dins in the ears in the evening (flickers before eyes etc.) . And here about vinishche under the name Whisper of conventuals it is already simple to think without shudder I cannot. These conventuals sometimes it can whisper Or it is our answer To Plot of monks and To the Monastic log hut ? Such " Cahors wine; for the poor.

Especially swill in a bottle on which the label with the inscription " flaunted sank down to me in soul; Morning . No comments.

Further. What you will tell, looking at the outcasts with the swelled physiognomies consuming at 7 in the morning under a night lamp wish-wash under the name Wine elite ? Pretty cool, huh? And earlier on sale and Lordly met, and Merchant ... Beauty and only! Here it, a possibility of the most last drunk to feel barin !

Quite recently on the shelf of one of grocery stores by me it was noticed vinichko with the speaking name Hunting . Having looked narrowly, near Hunting noticed Fishing . The impression is made that all is universal hunters and fishermen - passionate fans to put for a collar. To put it briefly, neither on hunting, nor on fishing without this yum-yum nor - nor.

And in one of the cities of our republic, I do not remember in what any more, but not in Mogilev, I somehow happened to uvidat Drink it is WORKING - COUNTRY . Shortly and it is clear

Can be listed for a long time, but I will not be. Alcoholism - it, of course, is sad. But, honestly, looking at the labels decorating bottles with good inexpensive " wine; sometimes I cannot just resist laughter. From what it, and?]