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Than I learn people more, those like dogs " more;? I Have

the friend whose name I for some reasons will not mention here. Personality, to put it mildly, other-wordly. And as still you will order to call the person who in a frost wanders in the winter about snowdrifts in gym shoes, periodically goes for a walk at night, curtains in the afternoon windows (because it is disturbed by light), and at night, on the contrary, sleeps by the light of (as is afraid of the dark) The person who, obviously, for appearance puts in the hall on a foreground a skull and from time to time, having gone to a nirvana, does not react neither on as anybody around

I Suspect after this though very short characteristic, nobody will especially be surprised, having learned about presence at this individual of a female rat known as the Short mustache and the dog bearing a name Chara. Actually, about the last character the speech in this story will also go.

Darling kobelyok - no, not the curly poodle and not a Pekinese as someone, probably, managed to think - in reality is very large dog of breed the boxer. Madly angry, incredibly aggressive and somewhere even life-threatening.

In any case, quite so I thought quite long time and is not causeless. To get to the apartment of the marginal friend it was absolutely unreal if he personally did not hold I pardon a zhivotinka both hands or did not lock it in a rest room. Otherwise any who crossed a threshold risked to be torn on the British flag.

That day we (I and couple more of people) were spudded to the cheerful apartment to drink beer, to pobrenchat on a guitar and just to take cover from a biting January frost.

With a speed of racing race cars slipped through a hall to the hall where barricaded from a spiteful Cerberus. The people demanded some bread and shows. And if shows could be found in preresidual quantity on the TV screen, then here behind bread it was necessary to stamp on kitchen, passing on the way of possession doggies . Suicides among guests for some reason did not appear, and the owner once again slowly but surely fell into a nirvana. That is, he was still able to reach kitchen, but here to prepare something - alas

Agreed that I will be engaged in a dinner with only that condition that it will take the canine friend until I am not closed in kitchen.

I warmed up on a plate a fried chicken with potato when felt that in a back to me someone looks. And, looks far not friendly. I was slowly developed and saw the huge red dog who stared at me an unwinking gaze of Ellochki - cannibals.

In due time I strongly was fond of canine friends of the person and even wanted to become the cynologist and therefore perfectly I know that this stiffened look and Mike Tyson`s pose ready to strike a crushing blow do not foretell anything good. Better the dog would growl or barked.

I do not know how the cunning beast made the way on kitchen as on the quiet opened a door, but the fact remained the fact: I will be eaten now. It did not make sense to call to the aid: until the friend staying in prostration tears off the soft place from a sofa and will come tearing along to rescue me, my new jeans will turn into junk. And it at best.

I grabbed with the shivering hands from a frying pan a piece of chicken and with the fawning type of a zasyusyukal: Charochka, a good doggie, the friend, the sun, the hare, eat chickens . The monster instantly swallowed meat and again stared at me. But his look was already not spitefully - destroying, and asking.

I, without thinking twice, poured out a kind portion of potato in a dog bowl. The dog in a flash destroyed also this gift. Then approached me, in powerlessness sat down on a stool, and put a muzzle to me on knees Since then Cerberus any more never tried to tear me on pieces, and I in turn treated him from time to time with something tasty. Especially as the owner, hanging on thin matters, often just forgot to make it.

Generally, morals of this fable such is. People! You treat properly not only to each other, but also dumb animals, and they will answer you with the same.

As is frequent we, trying to justify the unseemly acts, we like to repeat: It not we such, is life such . Probably, and they would tell the same. Yes are only not able to say ]