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Pissing boys - epidemic of enuresis or beskulturshchina?

In the remarkable city of Brussels the fountain with the exotic name - " is pleasing to the eye; Pissing boy . Numerous tourists by tradition throw into the coin fountain in hope to visit once more here

In the majority of the cities of our historical Homeland with fountains, unfortunately, is not dense yet. And here pissing boys there is enough. But, unlike Bruxelles, it is hardly possible to call them local sight. It is rather on the contrary. You judge.

Perhaps, it is possible to be surprised still not too, observing as the young man dressed in slightly rumpled sports suit on the braided legs dobredat to the next tree behind which it is facilitated, having caught this tree in desperate attempt to keep a certain similarity of balance. From such here young people demand, as they say, is small because their intellectual level leaves much to be desired.

And here what emotions the man, with the diplomat can cause absolutely sober, an intelligent look and at a tie, celebrating need directly behind a stop of public transport? And what you will tell, looking at how this lovely person on completion of process, carelessly shaking off hands, goes directly to the very expensive foreign car which approached behind it, begins to smoke on the way not less very expensive cigarette and, having loudly slapped a car door, leaves? You think, I exaggerate? Nothing similar, itself personally observed this picture.

Perhaps, reluctantly and having gritted teeth, it is possible to forgive to the first character of this narration its act (though it is all the same offensive for the historical homeland befouled, literally). It is possible to take into consideration the fact that, judging by its appearance, he is a person very of middle-income. Therefore, after purchase good inexpensive " wine; it just does not have money not that on widely advertized nowadays Prostamol Uno but even on usual pampers. And as similar persons are in the habit to use this most good inexpensive " wine; very impressive doses, reaction of public to their behavior is already simply indifferent for them. Here also turn all neighboring arbors, cellars, entrances and others into latrines...

But what you will order to do with the character number two? To believe that it here very in unusual way he expresses a protest concerning absence within reach of dry closets?

Of course, the situation with public toilets leaves much to be desired, but nevertheless

Pissing boys and men! Believe, the number of the fountains decorating your hometown from your diligence will not increase.

And if not, then why to turn the city into one big toilet? If so it is difficult to control itself, then take into consideration the simple fact that various bars, movie theaters, schools and mass of other public institutions in which with guarantee there are rooms marked with the letters " are available any district of any city; M and . And why not to visit specially equipped thoughtfulness corner instead of parting a phlegm where it does not fit at all?

And in end it would be desirable to ask a question: pissing boys - it that, epidemic of enuresis or elementary beskulturshchina?]