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You repair hours at Celentano? To Adriano Celentano`s anniversary it is devoted...

Adriano Celentano were on January 6, 2008 70 years old.

... Each person is simply obliged something well to be able to do by hands - I wanted to begin this article with this phrase about Adriano, having commitment to amateur creativity (it would seem, not absolutely compatible things, but passion to Celentano peacefully gets on also with amateur passions, and with others). However, write I thus, and Adriano will appear before me and you some faceless and colourless, sluggish and helpless. Celentano not that hands, but also legs - the head - a neck - a torso and all over in general is able to get up such magnificent thingummies that I before his talent, no, talantishchy or grow dumb, or... absolutely I grow dumb. And about fascinating singing it is not necessary to tell anybody, - it is interesting what number of women (on the scale of the planet) learned Italian only for that... ?

We will begin traditionally, - Adriano in a poor family was born, ended 5 school classes, however further did not show the eagerness expected from it to study. Relatives in this case, as usual, sighed a little - sighed a little and calmed down. Decided that time no abilities to study are revealed, it is fated vegetation in poverty for the rest of life. However, Adri so did not think at all.

Since twelve years he began to master hour skill and to work in workshops of the uncle with a journeyman. Even now, after decades, he with pride calls himself the singing watchmaker . Celentano assures that, he has no musical and actor`s career, he by all means would become known and prospering thanks to the to the sentry to talent, - would create the most known network of watch repair shops in Europe. First of all I am a watchmaker, and only then - the singer, the actor and the director - Adriano declares.

The first nickname of Adriano was got at the all-European competition by fate - N - a beater in Milan (there was it on May 18, 1957 in Milan Sports palace Kyachcho (Ghiaccio)). It is significant that Celentano is a watchmaker it was called the person - on - springs .

The Italian newspapers are not tired to write about what not one million Italian alarm clocks would manage to repair Adriano if the musical little shop which was not standing opposite to a workshop confused the young man with Elvis Presley`s portrait and set him on a right track musical . In increasing frequency Adri began to leave a workshop with a guitar atilt... And later also it happened to it to play in amateur theatricals - the vaudeville where it skillfully parodied the famous then actor Louis Prima. And Celentano began to be invited to amateur competitions, and business and there reached a professional scene. And millions of Italian hours remained to be waiting in the wings.

... However, Adriano with undisguised pleasure repairs hours of friends and acquaintances. And invariable is at it a question - the offer to the journalists coming to it for interview: Your hours as it should be? And that I could repair them .

We need only to be surprised, admire and once again to be convinced that the talented person is talented in everything...

... You repair hours at Celentano? So I with pleasure will take from you the autograph.]