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When and how meet new year in Vietnam?

Vietnamese live according to two calendars: solar, Gregorian and traditional lunar, as well as in China. Probably, not really conveniently, but it is possible to get used to everything. In a lunar calendar of 355 days therefore all its holidays change every year the date according to chronology, habitual for us. New year not an exception. In 2008 - m its beginning is necessary on 7 - e February.

On - Vietnamese New year is designated Thetas. Its meeting cannot take place without the decorated tree. But unlike Russia there are no fir-trees here, and instead of them use peach or apricot trees. It is very important that on a tree there were many fruits or flowers. The blossoming peach tree symbolizes a unification of the sky and the earth and brings good luck to the house.

Trade in peach trees is the whole industry. Before a holiday they - one of the most important goods scattering as hot pies at a fair. Big and small trees sell in pots with the earth. The good tree has every chance to remain to the following the Theta. It is necessary to pay so much how many the seller will demand for a peach tree, it is not accepted to bargain. If there is not enough money - take other tree. The variety of the sizes and quality allows to pick up a New Year`s symbol on any prosperity.

In days of a holiday it is impossible to be engaged in a cooking. All festive foods are cooked in advance. An obligatory dish is Bang chung the rice pies with a meat stuffing or beans wrapped in banana leaves. Bake them for emergency - the whole days, all family.

New year in Vietnam is the whole week of good mood and sincere carefree fun. In the morning of the first day of new year many Vietnamese go to walk. This day it is accepted to admire beautiful, to look at flowers and to be photographed.

Probably, for all year in the country do not take such number of the picture as this day. Remove children, relatives, themselves, flowers - everything that the person will count beautiful. For the Vietnamese girl there is no photo better, than New Year`s, in a silk dress, with an umbrella against flowers.

Not all Vietnamese are able to afford to buy the camera. The photographer - the most demanded profession this day. The whole hordes of vagrant masters of endurance and a diaphragm occupy the center of Ho Chi Minh, suggesting to make a photo. In New year at them especially there are a lot of clients. Thetas for the Vietnamese will be in vain if he is not photographed or will not photograph somebody at least once.

In New Year`s morning over the cities and villages bell-ringing sounds. People go to temples, pagodas. In temples they ask from Buddha of health, wealth and good luck for all family. To the people so many that in order to avoid the fire more than two traditional fragrant sticks for fumigating inside cannot be carried by. After a prayer - three blows in a huge bell that the ring as soon as possible informed of requests to destination.

Across all Vietnam for New year there pass colourful festive shows. They are ordered like visits of our Father Frost. It is considered that happiness and wealth, and to the companies bring to people of representation success and prosperity in trade.

Methods of wushu, dancers in masks, the dragons biting themselves for a tail follow one after another. After dances of fire-spitting mythical animals the turn of the highlight of the program - acrobats on poles approaches. Heavy bamboo poles rise meters on 15 up. Actors climb them without any insurance up and play an eternal performance of fight of the person with the evil. The audience, with bated breath, looks at the events. Such representations collect a huge number of gapers.

Show costs expensive, it is not less than one thousand dollars. But actors are given full-time job. For the companies - customers it not only a tribute of ancient tradition and hope for success in affairs, but also advertizing the course. Numerous crowds of the audience which in new year can quite become clients are going to look at shows near office.

Each representation lasts not less than an hour. For New Year`s week actors of the numerous troupes giving 5 - 6 representations a day are fairly exhausted. But also they for these days earn more, than for all remained year.

Vietnamese believe that today such representations have magic force - not smaller, than many centuries ago. And still they believe that in new year everyone has to be happy.]