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With whom it is in love madly in love ? To Adriano Celentano`s anniversary it is devoted

... Charming and rough bus driver Barnaba Cicchini (movie Madly in love ), San Tulip in love with the princess of the small state - the princess Christina (Ornella Muti), capable to fascinate not only the beloved and her parents, council of ministers, but also residents of all city.

... The brutal farmer with awful character of Ilia (the movie Taming obstinate ), tamed by the beautiful stranger Lisa (Ornella Muti).

... Infinitely adventurous Felix (movie Bluff ) gently in love in angel Charlotte (Corinne Kleri) - the daughter of the swindler Benga.

At cinema fell to its lot passionately to love not one ten women. In the world a good few of women from all planet dreamed to steal though a moment of his life. Only in 80 - e years the Soviet women sent to an idol several tens of thousands of messages (the truth, after Celentano admitted that he could not get acquainted with one of them, - all of them were written on the purest Russian).

But in life the talented watchmaker, the talented singer and not less talented actor, sex - a symbol of millions of women, famous Adriano Celentano is madly in love only with the one and only woman, - Claudia Moroni (Claudia Moroni).

They say that still swore Adri`s childhood that will find the most beautiful woman and marries her. He knew well that he will be faithful to it whatever he happened.

They met 45 years ago, in January, 1963. There was shooting Some odd person ( Uno strano tipo ) . It behind shoulders has several actor`s roles, it has a solo career and studio of a gramophone recording Celentano`s Clan . She is a beauty, it - a monster. It came to the first shooting in a dirty shirt, bedroom-slippers barefoot and with a guitar. Having seen it, it came to confusion. But this day Cupid forever connected this couple long romantic kisses in wardrobe.

They got married on July 14, 1964. Their wedding took place in St. Francis`s (San Francesco) church in Grosseto (Grosseto) at 3 o`clock in the morning to avoid crowd of admirers and journalists. On the eve of wedding lovers squabbled from - for an unsuccessful tie of the groom. However this quarrel did not predetermine destiny of their joint life, - the unpleasant event laid the foundation to creation of the reliable and loving family.

The exemplary family man, the father of three children, he all life idolized Claudia. He literally carried it on hands, devoted it sculptures and songs. Adriano was and there is madly in love and behavior it always emphasized.

The Klaudia presented to brilliant Adri of two daughters - Rozitta and Rosalinda and the son - Giacomo. Eyewitnesses claim that when Klaudia gave birth to Rozitta, Adriano was in France on tours. It for hours hung on phone and when joyful news of the birth of the daughter reached it, it threw the wife and personnel of clinic in the flowers. Having seen newborn Rozitta, he photographed her and inscribed: My angel Rozitta .

The Klaudia devoted itself to affairs of a family and the husband for a long time, having refused a career of an actor.

They endured together both pleasure, and a grief. There were also joint victories at musical festivals, and trials...

Four years ago, in 2004, Klaudia and Adriano celebrated a ruby wedding. They wrote

on the invitation cards distributed to friends: And today we still love each other

And now Adriano admits to Claudia that he madly loves her. Also says what sometimes falls apart and suffers, thinking that she can love it insufficiently strongly. She is its muse, and it needs Klaudia to whom it is necessary Adriano does not hesitate to say that it for him - all.

I think, his sufferings are vain. Look at this magnificent couple Magnificent Klaudia and magnificent Adri ]