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WHETHER SO IT is good - to be SUCH HOW ALL? As often we tell

to the children, either ourselves, or to the friends: And what people will think of us? The Standard canons of etiquette, public morals, fashion strong keep us in the framework. Here and today I was forced to accompany with

the husband on a visit of politeness to his relatives though I every time am bored to death, visiting them. And for the 100-th time looking through their photo album, to me one telecast seen once on Petersburg TV was remembered.

Came across I it absolutely incidentally, changing channels, in hope to find something standing that - to pass away evening. At first I thought that it is one of komediyno - parody entertainment programs, and wanted already was to switch further, so grotesque figure told from the TV screen something, only to it one clear.

But then went credits. I saw a surname of the composer which did not speak to me about anything. What?!? So it is not the parody? Hair of this composer prozvodit impression long ago not of a combed and cheap wig, and from above the ridiculous beretka by miracle kept. Two jumpers which are put on at each other, stretched the miscellaneous which is not suitable to each other colors at all. Trousers with a fringe and east ornament low. Also finished ensemble of a sneaker. Terrible leanness. The age cannot be defined - from fifty to eighty. Absolutely freely Richter operates with such names as Piotrovsky (invited him in the Hermitage to play a unique grand piano). Howls, representing the music written to them.

Then on the screen appears a grand piano, that, from the Hermitage, from tremendous beauty incrustation, and it lying (!) on a velvet ancient stool, having covered the face with fabric, executes own work on a grand piano, at the same time pressing grand piano pedals barefoot (!!) legs. It was surprising music. Very talented. There was a wish to listen to something else.

What it is better - to be such how everything, with srednestatichesky brains and appearance, or to the city mentally ill people spitting on convention, living in own world, but at the same time talented? to Elect as

to us. If I faced the choice, I do not know, honestly what option would be chosen by me for myself. Probably the first. Too strongly sits in me taken roots since the childhood a habit to rely on human opinion. But sometimes I envy such people. They should not smile lovely to the unpleasant chief though and there is a wish to send it to a distance light, they do not need to buy clothes by all means in fashionable boutique and to pay for it unfairly expensive price, and by all means to read the book - the best-seller that - then in conversation to insert the quote.

, What is better? To choose to us.]