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How Kim and Mowgli made great Kipling?

For most of the Soviet people Joseph Rudyard Kipling (1865 - 1936) was the writer who thought up Mowgli. It is aware of foreign history other Kipling - " sliped; singer of the empire bard of the British imperialism . The children`s soul fascinated by image of the wolf adopted child from Books of the Jungle did not want to believe that the creator of this image could be the wicked man (and imperialists are wicked men, it was known by each young pioneer!) .

The great book of Kipling - the novel Kim - for the Soviet reader as if did not exist. The best novel fully answering to those estimates by which proved award to the writer of the Nobel Prize (1907) - for observation, the bright imagination, a maturity of ideas and outstanding talent of the storyteller .

Novel Kim it was published in 1901. Before Kipling wrote a lot of all other. Including Book of the jungle about Mowgli and it brothers inhabiting a rainforest. And Second book of the jungle . Book Just fairy tales . Set of inventions . Collections of verses Songs of barracks and Seven seas . Indian western Naulaka . Story Brave seafarers ... Oscar Wilde called him the genius, Henry James - the English Balzac.

It is necessary to know at least in general Kipling`s biography to understand features of his creativity and the reason of success Kim .

Kipling was born and grew in India. His parents were considerable figures in this British colony. Mother is a writer. The father is a sculptor, the director of art school, the curator of the museum of the Indian art in Lahore, the author of the research The Animal and the person in India (with own illustrations).

Six-year-old Rudyard was sent to England for education. It returned to India seventeen-year-old. He did not become the official, the officer, the clerk in public institution. Became - the reporter.

He settled in Civil and military newspaper leaving for several hundred British who worked in Northern India. Reportorial start of Kipling at his fantastic working capacity was brilliant. The name of the young journalist quickly became known.

Kipling was engaged in the business which was carrying away him. Went on favourite and clear to it since childhood India, met people, communicated with them on the acquaintance since childhood Hindi. Absorbed impressions, accumulated supervision, in newspaper materials did their analysis. This work was also the beginning of its way to writing.

As the editor, " told about Rudyard it; Kipling distinguished a set of national groups of the Indian population which for the ordinary Englishman all without discrimination were simply natives . He noticed the most entertaining details of their behavior, language, views He talked to everyone on its manners, using habitual expressions familiar to that so at the interlocutor eyes from surprise and a conscious brotherhood began to shine, and he like full confidence to Kipling. In two minutes it already treated this sakhib with sympathy and was ready to open for him the most intimate of stories of family lawsuits, blood hostility, boundary skirmishes . So it collected material for the newspaper articles - and for future books, of course!

Kipling`s debut as writer took place in the fall of 1884 - Civil and military newspaper published the story Gate of hundred grieves . The public highly appreciated the story, especially considering that to the author also nineteen were not executed.

The success was not casual good luck, and a natural stage of formation of the great writer. The career top just also appeared Kim . The novel about adventures white on the birth and native on education of the boy in huge and beautiful India. Indian Niradu Chaudkhuri claimed, for example, that Kim - not only the best novel about India in English, but also one of the best English novels in general .

The novel exerted huge impact on contemporaries. The Russian anglomen of the beginning of the 20th century became engrossed in reading Kim . In honor of the hero of the novel sir John Filbi called the son Kim - so the name became destiny for Kim Filbi!

At the end of 2007 I came across on the Internet the message: India rehabilitates a name of Kipling . It appears, India was going to open Kipling`s museum. The house in which was born bard of the British imperialism was already object of attention of the tourists visiting Bombay. The charity foundation allocated money for restoration of this house that is approved by the Bombay authorities. Indians, generally, do not have the reasons to treat the writer badly. As it is reported, Kipling is popular among educated Hindus. About 20 thousand copies of its books are on sale in India every year . However, and why India to ignore Kipling who sang of it? Not the colony, but the country now entering into the British Commonwealth of Nations was sung.

I did not manage to see any Soviet " edition; Kim . I read it in the childhood according to the pre-revolutionary edition (the multi-volume set published in 1916). - did not see the Soviet editions in libraries and bookstores! Perhaps in the USSR did not publish the book from - for it anti-Russians moods? At the novel there are spies who are working for a certain great northern power, quite silly working, by the way.

Not only and not just adventures of the young participant Big game were attractive to the reader. Struck openness of the main character to the world. It is resourceful, inventive. He investigates surrounding reality, communicates with all as equals, without neglect to somebody, is ready to accept, as they say, both the Greek, and the Jew... In it there is also real Kim - and the real Kipling. In it, but not in the title singer of the empire given it from ideologizatorsky thoughtlessness which proceeds from known and clear - face to face - not to uvidat the person .

Though other people and in ancient times nice success of Kipling, and then an abuse and oblivion it were able to see in it what it was actually. Jack London in the article These bones will rise " again; (1901) wrote about Kipling:

It immortalized what is made by Anglo-Saxons. Anglo-Saxons are the people not only that narrow island on the edge of the western ocean. Anglo-Saxons are the people around the world speaking English, which life and customs, and the customs most likely British, than non British. These people were sung by Kipling. Their work, sweat and blood were motives of its songs; but all motives of its songs the motive of motives, the sum penetrates all of them and something bigger, just what penetrates sweat, both blood, and work of Anglo-Saxons - the genius of the nation. And this really space property . Jack London, Kipling`s fellow on a feather, free from prejudices and conventions of people. The Anglo-Saxon, the then, work and blood created himself!

Interest in Kipling, his fairy tales and stories, his main novel Kim to its powerful, passionate, very courageous verses (I recommend to re-read at least completely Behind the Gipsy star - and to compare to the romance), arises, vanishes. The destiny such at great people - to be remembered from time to time by descendants. To give to descendants all new and new lessons.]