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How there was an evolution of a straw for cocktails?

on January 3, 1888, exactly 120 years ago, the owner of factory on production of paper cigarette mouthpieces Marvin Stone received in Washington patent bureau documents for the invention of paper straws for drink of cocktails and other liquids. And when the reporter of one of daily newspapers asked for Mr. Stone to tell what moved him on the invention, Marvin shrugged shoulders: Ordinary depression . Also told such history.

Once he sat in very foul mood from - for the fact that affairs at factory were not got on, competitors laid over from all directions, and thought how to correct a situation. Best of all to it it was thought when he drank cocktail. It took the brought glass with cocktail, habitually lowered in it a rye straw (in those days for drink used naturprodukt) and began to sip cocktail. Whether on its trouble, whether for luck, but some fibers of rye straw were split and during the next retraction of liquid stuck at Marvin on teeth. He could not endure it: the glass with cocktail departed to one party, straws - to another.

But it did not solve a problem, Marvin wanted to drink even more. Then it took paper, smeared its edge on all length with glue and reeled up a spiral on a pencil. At it the straw from which it was possible to drink cocktail turned out. The truth it was necessary to drink very quickly as paper in the first several seconds became wet and ceased to hold a form.

Stone began to deliberate how to make so that to avoid a similar incident. In the beginning he decided to cover a tissue paper with paraffin, but it did not solve a problem. Of course, the straws razmokat more slowly, but all the same quickly enough so for fans to taste cocktail it did not approach.

The solution came in several days when brought to Marvin the parcel post sent from the neighboring state. Stone very much liked brand, it was very beautiful, he unstuck it and began to play, considering in all its aspects. In those days stamps in the USA were made of Manila paper (which part of raw materials Manila hemp why paper had very high durability was). And the fine idea - to make straws for cocktails of Manila paper came to the owner of factory on production of paper cigarette mouthpieces to mind.

There was one hassle: what to make diameter of a straw? It is important too, the diameter is less, the more efforts need to be made to lift upward all liquid from a glass. But also too wide the straws did not want to be made as svezheotzhaty lemon juice which it is frequent " was a part of some cocktails; loses in a glass a stone. So Stone assumed as a basis such diameter of straws that drinking could not by mistake to involve a stone from a lemon

So, Stone took out the patent on January 3, 1888. And in 1890 production of straws for cocktails became its main business. In any case, it brought in the much bigger income, than production of cigarette mouthpieces. At the same time in the first years the straw for cocktails was made manually. And only in 1906 the automatic car for production of paper straws was invented.

And the following stage of evolution of straws occurred in the middle of 30 - x years when in one of hot days the realtor Joseph Friedman glanced to be thrown by a couple of words with the younger brother Albert in belonging to the last cafe. At this time the niece Josepha, small of Judee , tried to bend more conveniently a straw in a tall glass, and nothing was impossible to it.

Joseph asked Albert to bring the long screw which would approach diameter of a straw. He put on a straw the screw, and approximately in the middle of a straw several times reeled up a tooth thread, and is quite strong. In half-minute he pulled out a straw and saw that in that place where paper was attracted by a thread the corrugated tube which was bent over a glass without perezhatiya was formed.

On September 28, 1937 Friedman received on the a tubule for drink the patent, but his idea did not interest none of producers of straws. Then Joseph decided to finish property sale and to concentrate on production of the straws. Friedman`s corporation on production of flexible tubules was registered in 1939, and later years ten made Friedman the millionaire.

And, at last, the last stage of evolution of straws occurred in the second half of the XX century when Otto Dayfenbakh , the owner of small little shop of sewing machines in Baltimore , looked behind how his spouse bathes their little daughter, and wound a cellophane wrapper from a cigarette pack on a steel twig. The girl very much liked to bathe, and the father long naverchivat cellophane. And when water procedures were finished, Otto saw that he holds in hand something similar on a straw for cocktails.

It presented at once how the daughter when she drinks milk from this tubule will be delighted, so she sees how milk climbs a tubule. And though, as well as in a case with Friedman, everything was not so simply - nobody risked to undertake production of cellophane straws, but patience and the work ground in total. Dayfenbakh invented the machine for production of such straws and became the millionaire not I can hold back

A in end the most perspective view of straws. In May, 2006 the Danish inventor Torben Vestergaard Frandsen offered the option of a straw from which it is possible to drink water from any reservoir, even from the Moskva River within the capital. Fradsen`s invention already received the name Life Straws also reminds himself a tiny flute in which there are various filters and the camera filled with iodine. Each clearing straw is calculated on processing to 700 l of water. Its cost very democratic - about $3,5. As producers " declared; Life Straws they want to provide with the miracle 17 poorest countries of the world ]