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What do we know about trees - signs of a horoscope of druids? Poplar.

Last month of winter. Blizzards still rages with might and main, not for nothing on - Belarusian February is called fierce . But spring not far off. When, at last, it comes? Will prompt to citizens a poplar.

One fine day suddenly you notice that the habitual, sawn round to a disgrace trunks behind a window are visible somehow more accurately, faded branches turned pink. Every other day - two pinkish background are poured by a dense crimson dye, direct branches hard droop. The spring shows the business card, the poplar blossomed.

In the horoscope druids allocated for a poplar the periods from February 4 to February 8 and from August 5 to August 13. Given rise these days symmetry and beauty in early youth expects. But time to them will be relentless. The poplar is afraid of an old age and for the fear grows old even quicker.

You should not look for other places. Not any environment is favorable. The poplar should protect what has. Without companions difficult, but without companions, but not casual people whom the poplar does not love. However, this it is difficult to distinguish dislike, it is not shown externally.

His love is sensitive to the slightest hints on trouble, matrimonial happiness is difficult, the poplar is too sensitive and independent. Congenital mind, unlike a body, does not grow old at all. The intuition, imaginations and pensiveness are peculiar to it.

Among poplars there are many physicians, from celebrities - Mendeleyev, Jules Verne, Hitchcock and Salvador Dali.

the Latin name of a poplar - Populus, is a sort of plants of family willow. The most widespread breeds are a white poplar (silvery), black poplar (black poplar) and an aspen. Trees are widespread mainly in the Northern hemisphere. In spite of the fact that we got used to a poplar in the city, it - forest forming breed. The term of life of some types - till 1000.

Height of a trunk can reach 30 meters, and diameter - nearly two and a half. Young escapes have pale bark and velvety, on old trunks - rough, deeply cracked. Leaves are wide, on long scapes. Flowers in cylindrical ear rings blossom one spring earlier leaves: on one trees - tychinochny (man`s), on others - pestichny (female). The Korobochkovidny fruit contains the numerous small seeds covered with long silky hairs and carried by wind.

The poplar down seriously annoys citizens. It would seem, the decision on a surface, plant man`s trees and problems will not be. But not here - that was, the nature it is difficult to deceive. A poplar can change a floor depending on different circumstances, sometimes on the broken-off branch of a man`s copy female ear rings suddenly appear.

Perhaps eventually the cities will get rid of poplars whether there will only be an equivalent replacement? The Latin name of a poplar - populyus - came from the word people that is national, popular tree. The poplar was unusually widely used long since in gardening of the cities. Stability of tradition is easily explainable, it - one of the cheapest plants in assortment of gardeners, is unpretentious, cherenkutsya easily, grows most quicker.

Every spring a poplar ruthlessly and ugly cut off, but by next spring they again fully equipped. Their kroner - the real biological filters absorbing various substances polluting the atmosphere are simply necessary for the cities.

Poplar wood soft and short-lived. Did various dolbleny products of it earlier: boats, troughs. The long time it was used in construction of the railroads as cross ties. Softness and speed of a gain of wood does a poplar by good raw materials for production of paper. However, still for this purpose cut a long-term coniferous taiga more often, but do not cultivate poplar landings.

Today researches for worthy replacement in power of fossil hydrocarbons are around the world conducted. The raw materials for biofuel have to be quickly renewable. A fast-growing poplar - the good candidate for suppliers of biomass.

In traditional medicine the poplar finds worthy application too. Tinctures and ointments from his kidneys possess the anti-inflammatory, anesthetizing action, febrifugal and calming properties. In cosmetic medicine they are used as the means strengthening growth of hair.

The poplar does not blow our mind any records. It, as well as the people born under its sign, such what is. Under anybody does not adapt, gives surrounding what maybe demands nothing in exchange.

Druids determined by the sign following a poplar in the horoscope kartas southern. About it - next time.]