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What means the difficult word ambidexter ?

the Ambidexter - the person at whom functions of both hands are equally well developed.

Now it is more and more such children. Nearly in maternity hospital delays of psychomotor development make them the diagnosis. So can, it is already norm and it is necessary to know how to communicate with such children?

At school they have difficulties on Russian and mathematics, especially when on them begin to press requirements everything to do without blots and mistakes. In reply there is an increased fatigue, forgetfulness. In behavior irritability, restlessness, concern becomes noticeable. All this gives a picture of a neurasthenia or neurosis of persuasive states.

The child begins to show lines of intellectual fatigue, absent-mindedness. Often it is followed by headaches, weight in the head. As will seem strange, but disorders, emotions, hysteria, whims and storms in a glass lead to a discharge as in this case the right hemisphere comes to the rescue. Whether such therapy is only necessary to parents and children?

And effect very short-term as the left hemisphere is not able to understand and process information arriving from the right hemisphere.

Over time there is a sensitivity as a sign of an overstrain of the right hemisphere. It, eventually, is also overstrained, and the pendulum rolls away back.

We will try to understand.

A neurasthenia - a consequence of a unilateral overstrain of the left hemisphere, that is thought processes, in the absence of physiologically necessary emotional discharge, positive feelings.

Logically in such cases to reduce intellectual load of the left hemisphere, to weaken insistence. It is worth reconsidering the mode of occupations, having expanded time for rest and creativity, to reduce visit of additional schools.

Is important to load the right hemisphere emotionally more: to listen to music, to dance, draw, compose. Perhaps there is a sense not to go to hours-long performances and concerts, and to ustaivat them houses?

The same tactics is necessary also at neurosis of persuasive states when at the child appear coming without volition of thought and action. All appeals to get it together punishments in the educational purposes or control lead only to a situation aggravation. It can be shown in the form of fear not to be in time, to be late, not to receive a praise and an assessment below the five, to remain to one, to ache, catch...

At the same time criticality and level of abstract thinking considerably increases (from - for overloads of the left hemisphere). You understand that similar occurs on to favorable circumstances an intense situation in a family, the general uneasiness and suspiciousness of her members. Such family can be characterized as extremists . Only strangers see it, and the family perceives similar insistence to itself and relatives as norm.

of the Child throws from one extreme to the other: criticality is replaced by an indifference, control - connivance, gloom - impetuous cheerfulness etc. of

the Help is necessary not in iron logic of morals, edifications, morals and in some kind of psychological unloading. To distract without coercion from a negative by means of bright impressions, joint games, to return to true pleasures of life.

Sometimes happens to stroke enough on a back, to tell how you love the little son or the daughter. To cry or laugh together with all the heart at a kind rhyme or the picture. To draw, to paint directly with fingers and palms on paper. To jump, pokuvyrkatsya and forget that it is necessary to study, to study and study, God forbid, not to become the janitor .

To be a successful person, it is not obligatory to cram dates and formulations of rules at all, to write with beautiful handwriting and to read on speed, askancing at a stop watch. It is enough to be just healthy, happy, wise and witty, not to be afraid to make mistakes and to rejoice to every day.

Without development of creativity and openness of feelings it will hardly turn out to raise such modern bimanous children.]