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Right children... with the left bias?

of People are born with two identical hemispheres - right. One of hemispheres begins to shift to the Left with the interest moment the child the speech and speech communication. But for a long time the right, emotional, completely perceiving the world hemisphere will be the main thing.

Importance of this hemisphere for modern children increases so that both hemispheres become equally significant and important. It would be desirable to make small specification only.

Is big group unripe children who can be either right-handed persons, or lefthanders (more often) and with age all - to decide on the leading hand. Later, than mature children but to give a palm to one some hand. There is a group of the retrained lefthanders. Fortunately, such becomes less. There are, at last, real ambidexters who by 3 years can be already diagnosed quite so. Just also occur among them so-called children - indigo .

In the early childhood this fight for leadership of hemispheres is more similar to pulling of a rope - who main. From here frequent change of mood, chaotic alternation of a capriciousness, negative with obedience and caress. Fast fatigue manages to be combined at the same time with impetuous activity. Gradually both hands begin to work well-coordinated. I had to observe how the second-grader wrote with the right hand words, and left, almost without stopping, emphasized the necessary letters. Strange there was a show.

The similar union of hemispheres allows to remember easily formulas, big texts, to show creative endowments and emotional keenness. At the same time at the child understanding of the " early develops; I self-respect and independence in opinions and decisions.

However, provided that nobody and nothing prevents this development.

The parental maximalism can push already two-year-olds to expression of obstinacy. The benefit, the left hemisphere gives to it a reason.

the Growing negativism, it criticality, from - for activities of the left hemisphere slows down perception of external information, that is slows down activity of the right hemisphere. Therefore to fight with obstinacy at the age of two - three years it is useless. And here it is useful to praise and support the growing consciousness very much even. Have patience and respect the willfulness forming the I .

For harmonious development the child needs to give to a thicket an emotional and motive discharge which will allow to develop to the right hemisphere. Programs of schools and even kindergartens place emphasis on intellectual development that develops at children a protest and loss of interest in training in general. Therefore it is desirable not to overload the left hemisphere with analytical tasks in damage dvigatelno - to emotional development. Children love the doctrine which emotionally and creatively interests them.

And now few concrete councils.

change occupation More often even if did not achieve visible result. Time spent on activization of an opposite hemisphere and rest help to acquire knowledge somehow gradually, unostentatiously.

Well, any task is impossible to the child. Parents, grandmothers, sometimes grandfathers are connected. Sit late and all for nothing.

it is not necessary to Fight before loss of interest and the birth of a whim. Be engaged in another matter, forget for a while about the tasks which are not made by the child.

If loaded memory, it is better to work as hands if wrote, it is better to read something interesting or to sing, dance, work out examples in mind, to learn something by heart. Then to return to the interrupted task - and it already ripened and everything turns out as if by itself.

of Progress to you.

Here such children at us now.]