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Dragons are still live?

the Mythology and history knows a large number of the diverse species of dragons, but any lizards, snakes and chameleons in a miniature reminding the look ancient images of dragons are of the greatest interest to us.

In Indonesia were found and live dragons - the huge monitor lizards living on the isolated Komodo`s island and reaching three meters in length were so officially called (the male 4,75 meters long was the biggest of the described copies). Researchers - naturalists established that quite recently monitor lizards of a bigger size - to ten meters - lived in Australia.

And the fright of the most incredible sizes lives in remote thickets of New Guinea, on belief of local hunters and natives. However, when in 80 - x years of the twentieth century it was succeeded to catch and photograph one of them, it turned out that new Guinean dragon hardly reaches three meters...

Throughout the last centuries already numerous attestations of eyewitnesses about meetings with a so-called huge sea dragon which descriptions can be found in the most competent scientific encyclopedia of the Ancient world - " continued to collect; Natural history Pliniya Starshego. History of this giant being of a zakhvatyvayushch is also instructive. It was seen by many hundreds of times in different points of the World Ocean, described to the smallest details, but still could not receive for research of any copy - live or dead.

Here one of typical meetings with a sea devil. It happened in 1893 near coast of Scotland and is described by the London doctor F. Mateson:

There was a wonderful day of what it is only possible to dream, the sun shone with might and main, in the sky there was no cloudlet. Hour, not that two o`clock in the afternoon. Our boat quickly goes on a sail as suddenly directly before us something huge as if grows from water: above our mast, smooth, as if long neck....

Divided us meters two hundred, and the distance was inevitably reduced. Suddenly the neck fell, and I understood that before us a huge sea monster, something like an enormous pangolin. It had a brown skin with outflow and a black strip under the head. It was similar to a giraffe unless is longer and the head is located a little differently, not at right angle to a neck, and it is rather as its continuation. The head rocked here and there, and it was visible how moist skin glints in the sun.

The animal disappeared in water, minutes through two appeared again and began to leave... It seems to me, it the bylena just sea serpent, and some unprecedented animal, big and powerful, like a huge lizard. And, as far as I know, an eel, he be so great, a dragon so do not raise a neck .

And here the certificate submitted by the captain of a military corvette Dedal which in the fall of 1848 followed from India to Plymouth. Having rounded the Cape of Good Hope and having headed for Saint Elena`s island, the captain Mack - Kua, most of officers of the ship and members of team within twenty minutes observed huge - to thirty meters - a drakonoobrazny being who appeared along the line a corvette.

In Russia there were similar cases too. Already, which year goes every summer to coast of the Tver lake of Brosno amateur expedition of enthusiasts - searchers. Reports on these expeditions are regularly published in periodicals. The journalist Natalya Leskova placed the message on the Internet:

Eyewitnesses claim: over a surface of the lake of Brosno that in the Tver region, they saw the huge head and the long thin tail which is sticking out of water. According to descriptions, a being scaly, as a reptile, not less than five meters in size. Locals nicknamed the dragon tenderly - Brosney...

Similar information periodically arrives also from other Russian regions - from Sakhalin to Murmansk...]