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Whether the love for the rest of life at five-year age meets?

on January 2, 1918, 90 years ago, in the village of the Titmouse of the Moscow region in a family of the musician Alexander Goncharov the son whom named by Andrey was born. the Family was the most creative: the father led piano lessons in Philharmonic school (later GITIS, nowadays - HOSTS), mother was the theatrical actress who, having been disappointed in the career, decided to devote herself to the beloved son. In particular, from - for it she thought up children`s drama school at home where she attached neighbour`s kids to art of Melpomene.

the Prima in this children`s theater. He was very exceptional child, at three-year age already played simple plays on a piano, but even more he liked to act in private theatricals where by five years he played all major roles. And as their house was often visited by directors and actors of the Moscow theaters, they quickly estimated talent of the young actor.

And in 1925 brought into their home studio the girl, five-year Verochka Zhukovskaya . It very much was pleasant to seven-year-old Andryushe, and sympathy it was mutual, and children swore as soon as they grow up, will surely get married to

So many such oaths are sworn by our children? Several times in a year. And we understand that today the seven-year-old son is in love with Vera, tomorrow in Katya, and marries, eventually, on that which met to him two weeks ago

But Andrey was stubborn. So that when promised Verochka to cross Oka, and she did not believe, he plunged into the water. He was plainly not able to swim, and it seemed, everything will end with the tragedy as adults on the river bank were not at this time. Twice it left under water, Verochka squealed, but again his head was shown over a river wave. Of course, to Andrey very much flew for this feat from parents, but he proved that he for the sake of the love is ready for any victims still Goncharov - younger was very purposeful

A. And even then, when it was not admitted to GITIS in 1936 (for receipt two-year length of service in theater was required), it did not lower a hand. Managed to be looked to one of the leading judges who achieved that Goncharov was accepted. And though it was younger than the fellow students on four - five years, and seriously many did not perceive it, Andrey had no feeling of awkwardness. They went in the way, it - the

Especially as, having disaccustomed year at actor`s faculty, Goncharov unexpectedly filed documents on director`s. Also did not lose because his mentor - Nikolay Mikhaylovich Gorchakov - was a pupil of Stanislavsky and Nemirovich`s - Danchenko. Also tried to develop at the students breadth of views, lack of any dependence on someone`s opinion at the choice of the play. In a word, Goncharov chose as a degree performance the vaudeville according to the play of Korneychuk In steppes of Ukraine . he did not manage to begin work with actors as to theater in Ivanov (where statement was carried out) there arrived people in a blue form with malinny buttonholes. Also tried to talk some sense into the beginning director supposedly of to the marshal Budenny not the place in the vaudeville! But Goncharov showed character, and not cut out marshal. The performance went off with a bang!

And further war began. One of the first Goncharov registered in Communistic battalion of Krasnaya Presnya. Also met fascist aggressors face to face. About what fights were, the fact that in three days from staff of a battalion from one thousand people there were no more than hundred demonstrates. And several days later Goncharov in one of fights was twice wounded. Farther hospital and return to native Moscow. Somehow he admitted that only Vera Zhukovskaya`s love rescued it from death

When in the capital decided to create front theater, for trips to places of fights, the choice for some reason fell on 24 - the summer director. And he did not retire to the background, having prepared five performances which lightened mood to fighters and commanders at the front in the shortest time. Several times it was necessary to happen both under bombardments, and under firings. But Andrey practically did not turn on these trifles attention.

And their love with Vera Zhukovskaya having passed through such tests only got stronger. And the son Alexey became its fruit as

they Worked with Vera in different theaters. It on Small Bronna , he - was 33 years the permanent art director of Mayakovsky. But houses at them the world, mutual respect and harmony always reigned. And it served as good help for creativity. Titanic work of Goncharov did not remain unnoticed. To it the State award USSR was twice awarded (in 1977 - for the performance Venseremos! and in 1984 - for the performances Rumour and Lady Macbeth of the Mtsensk County ), and also the State award RSFSR of Stanislavsky (in 1972 - for the performance Maria ). And in 1987 to Andrey Aleksandrovich gave the rank by Hera of Socialist work , on the eve of 70 - the anniversaries.

Its muse - Verochka Zhukovskaya - died in 1992. The spouse endured it for 9 years and died on September 7, 2001 after a serious long illness. Its ashes passed away on Novodevichy Cemetery ]