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How to cultivate culture of behavior?

Bad habits as weeds, appear and expand very quickly if not to eradicate them at the child. Already at preschool age it is necessary to begin to form a number sanitarno - hygienic skills, and also the polite and precautionary attitude towards seniors and friends.

In 3 - 4 years children usually already begin to undress and put on. Means, it is time to accustom the child to put the clothes, footwear accurately. Your kid does not want that his new beautiful dress quickly grew old.

You should observe daily how the child copes with a duty, new to himself: to hang up on coat hanger dress. Then it will be necessary to turn these skills into a habit to put on and watch the clothes. Also accustom to wash, wash hands before food, to brush teeth. However, your children some time will need in to control from parents.

At the same age skills of respect for people around are acquired. Parents set an example to the children. In 5 - 6 years it is easy to children to greet and say goodbye at a meeting, to thank, keep quiet when someone has a rest.

Being admitted to school, the child begins new life which is connected with formation of more difficult skills and habits: to come in due time to school, to keep a workplace in an order, it is correct to sit at a school desk, to raise a hand, it is correct to address the teacher. These skills are developed at school students from the first days of stay in school, but successfully fixed when parents help children to conform to new rules of conduct. Already at younger school age children have to be accustomed to follow a number of rules of conduct on the street, in public places.

Gradually by means of adults children by 10 - 12 years acquire the basic rules of cultural behavior. But as cultural it is considered to be not the one who knows how to behave, and the one who correctly behaves. As Lev Kassil, " wrote; the general intelligence, internal culture of the person is guessed in its many manifestations. And on that, its interests and where they are directed, and how the person in society keeps as talks as he estimates these or those phenomena at lives as he watches the housing " are how wide;.

Of course, the first ideas of culture of behavior, the first habits at children develop under the influence of a house situation. Therefore it is very important to care for culture of the life and for the continuous growth of culture of the behavior. In combination with insistence and control children of internal discipline have to have a belief method, a personal example at the heart of education. If the father and mother missed time for formation of the corresponding good manners, then at the child addictions arise.

As favorable circumstances for this purpose serves inaction. The idle person wastes the time to the right and on the left because it has no custom to save it. However to learn good never late! For a start remove the causes of emergence of bad habits. Have patience and remember that it is impossible to eradicate the created habit quickly. You need to control the child for a long time to help it to win a victory over the bad habit. Be attentive to the children! Then you should not combat their bad habits.

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