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How to be saved from a thunder-storm and a fireball?

Unlike the far ancestors, we - that know that a thunder-storm - it not the punishment for sins granted by god on the earth, and quite habitually natural phenomenon, and still we know that it is necessary to be afraid not of a thunder, and a lightning. And though the statistics says to us that the death from a lightning stroke happens extremely seldom, it is impossible to underestimate this danger.

The area most dangerous in this regard are the rural areas - 90% of all accidents happen exactly here. Very often separate objects become the victims of a lightning. From there is the first rule - never hide from a lightning under alone standing tree, under high metal designs, you remember, the lightning never gets to a bush, hide under it better.

District, the second for danger, - water and coast of reservoirs. You are not in water during a thunder-storm, do not pitch tent on the open coast of a reservoir not to become a lightning target.

And the safest place - dry plains, hollows between hills. Several supervision:

- wind will not give you an idea of where the thunder-storm, thunder-storms, contrary to any logic moves, often go against wind;

- the distance from a thunder-storm to the place of your dislocation can be determined by time between flash of a lightning and a peal of a thunder (1 second - distance of 300 - 400 meters, 2 seconds - 600 - 800 meters, 3 seconds - 1000 m);

- before a thunder-storm is usually observed either lack of wind, or wind the direction changes


Having defined that the thunder-storm moves towards you, look as far as your situation safely :

- wet clothes and a body increase danger of defeat by a lightning;

- your camp located on convex forms of a relief has more chances to become object of defeat, than the camp located in the lowland;

- look for shelters in the wood among low trees, in mountains - in 3 - 8 meters from high finger 10 - 15 meters, on the open district - in a dry pole, a ditch;

- the sandy and stony soil is safer clay;

- signs of the increased danger: stir of hair, hum of metal objects, categories on the sharp ends of equipment.

It is forbidden:

- to take cover near lonely trees;

- to lean against rocks and steep walls;

- to stop on the fringe of the forest;

- to stop near reservoirs;

- to hide under a rocky canopy;

- to run and fuss;

- to move dense group;

- to be in wet clothes;

- to be near a fire;

- to store metal objects in tent;

- to use electric devices in the house.

If during a thunder-storm on walls of your room orange reflected lights are observed, and it seems to you as if behind a window made fire, do not trust it it seems because: a) you live on the 11th floor; b) behind a window heavy rain … Immediately slam a window leaf (if not late) - to you the fireball on a visit asks.

Fireball - it is a sphere (!) with a diameter from 10 to 35 centimeters (though also kilometer copies meet, but it is quiet, it will hardly get into your window leaf). Often has yellow color (also other colors are not excluded: even if something before you has a fly agaric coloring, nobody guarantees that it - not the fireball), temperature of its from 100 to 1000 degrees, and weight is 5 - 7 grams (even at kilometer).

The fireball just adores getting into houses. Objects and obstacles in a way do not frighten her at all, scientists do not know yet whether glasses are reliable protection against it. She is able to get into various cracks (sockets, on-door speakerphones etc.) but here it, most likely, will not take off from them.

The term of life of this phenomenon is also not known to science (can from 30 seconds to several days). The death of a fireball is followed by explosion, a raspadeniye on several parts or gradual fading.

Now about tactics of behavior at collision with a fireball:

- if indoors a fireball, do not grab iron objects (just in case);

- do not try to escape from it;

- do not try to expel her a broom, the book etc.;

- stand, without moving, keep calm (nothing terrible has to occur at the same time);

- if nearby a door, and a fireball at decent distance from you, take cover behind a door.