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From where there were goldfishes?

Davny - long ago when people lived in Celestial Empire and anywhere did not float for the sea, in one poor village there lived a young man and fine as a morning dawn, the girl Tao. They strong loved each other. It seemed that nobody can separate them. But once Celestial Empire was attacked by enemies. The emperor called: Who can hold a sword in hand, who can throw a spear - to the aid, gather to a great wall! .

Bitterly Tao cried, seeing off the darling on war. Where her teardrops fell to the ground, flowers - roses grew like a dawn. Long sons of Celestial Empire fought, did not expel enemies yet.

Then brave soldiers began to come back home. Only favourite Tao did not come. It found other girl. Tao came to the coast of the lake and bitterly burst out crying. Tears dripped in water and right there turned into goldfishes.

And other legend told people that goldfishes came on a silver platter. On a fluffy cloud the Heavenly King made the palace for daughters. Different miracles were in it, but nothing pleased girls. They glanced at the earth. There beautiful young men went...

The tsar became angry, having learned about it, and turned daughters into goldfishes. Now it could be quiet. But once, having played, one of small fishes jumped out of a reservoir and fell down. Behind it to the terrestrial lake also the others jumped.

History of appearance of goldfishes - thousand-year prescription. Their general ancestor - an ordinary silver crucian. In 968 the rich official of one of the province of China had a pond which contained precious fishes - is red - orange and golden crucians. Obviously, such coloring was a casual natural deviation.

Perhaps, fish breeders noticed these unusual fishes and began to separate them from ordinary crucians. From posterity separated red small fishes. Such selection yielded results: zolotisto - red coloring became a hereditary sign and began to pass from father to son.

Beautiful Tao`s Teardrops soon got to Europe. It was succeeded to get this rarity and to the Russian tsar Alexey Mikhaylovich. But small fishes not for long lived in Moscow. They were kept in vases and considered that they eat " water;. Small fishes died, and the legend remained to live in the people. One of options of this legend was told by Arina Rodionovna to little Sasha Pushkin. The poet in many years told it to us, having created the remarkable fairy tale.

By artificial selection was succeeded to receive gold variations not only a crucian. Now multi-color carps which, tenches get divorced Orff. Also new versions began to appear: white, it is red - white and others. The Chinese masters learned to use these small fishes. They were crossed, again selected, again crossed while the casual sign did not turn into hereditary.

From the point of view of natural expediency goldfishes are not adapted for life in natural reservoirs at all. Their coloring is noticeable, the body is clumsy, and fins ceased to help to move, having become heavy ornament. Therefore goldfishes can live only in aquariums and artificial reservoirs. The person specially fixed in small fishes inexpedient for fishes, but signs, interesting to the person.

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