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St. Valentine`s Day. What the holiday is?

celebrate St. Valentine`s Day in Europe with 13 - go centuries. St. Valentine who, on legends, was born in the Roman Empire in 13 - m a century of our era was a bishop and contrary to the order of the emperor Yuli Claudius II who forbade to marry to the legionaries on pain of death continued to crown lovers.

According to the legend when Valentin was imprisoned for disobedience to imperial will, the supervisor who had a blind daughter, asked it to cure the girl. Having got rid of an illness, the supervisor`s daughter madly fell in love with the priest. When Valentin has to be executed, he wrote it a farewell note and signed Your Valentin . From here also the name " went; Valentine`s Day card .

On February 14 St. Valentine was executed. And that the most interesting, put its executions coincided with a celebration in honor of the goddess of love Juno. Here such here incident.

Now this day very popularly began to get married and give gifts. On beliefs if the girl accepted a gift, then it means that she agrees to marry this person. But presently it became very fashionable to congratulate both teachers, and relatives, and acquaintances on this holiday - and it does not mean at all that it is necessary to get married with these people, it is made just of politeness. Imagine, presented you a Valentine`s Day card, and you speak: Take away back, I do not love you . What? Therefore you take gifts again and again, smile, listen to fine words in the address. Let better the person hope, than is disappointed, the truth?

Probably, not a secret that all of us love holidays not only because they bring joy and harmony not only because for holidays there come relatives, guests... But also because in holidays give gifts. Right? St. Valentine`s Day is not an exception.

And what to give? The answer is simple. Yes anything. Generally beloved give each other jewelry, perfumery, clothes, flowers, books... By the way, according to statistical data, flowers give to women only 20 - 25% of men. So that`s that! Idea that for a holiday of lovers all give flowers, in a false manner.

Making out gifts, it is possible to use the following symbolics characteristic of St. Valentine`s Day. This heart as people believe that feelings are in it; it and a red rose - a favourite flower of Venus, the goddess of love; rings as on St. Valentine`s Day there were fashionable engagements and weddings; pigeons of love are the plaster or plastic birdies connected with each other - a symbol of endless love.

So, you found a gift, now it is necessary to invite the soulmate where - nibud. Options there can be actually a sea. For example, at cinema, theater, on a concert, in cafe, restaurant, bar, on a disco, in club, park, a zoo, the pool, in the museum, on an exhibition, on current - show, on excursion, and, at last, in an entrance, on a roof is a youth romanticism. And it is possible and at once in church. That your favourite half had no doubts concerning your intentions.

With a holiday you, dear readers! Love each other sincerely and eternally!]