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How not to fall a victim of crowd? You, for certain, heard

about crowd phenomenon it is characterized by a certain averaging, in crowd are dissolved the personality and feelings of certain people, thoughts smooth out, and the intelligence is disconnected. The crowd gets uniform soul . Each person ceases to realize himself identity, he acts and thinks in a uniform rush with people around, it is easy for them to operate, and to inspire something total easier, it does not control the actions and emotions. He lives emotions of crowd, very bright emotions, moves him violence, ferocity, enthusiasm, heroism.

Remember, in crowd you have nothing to do. Always you avoid crowds. It is not necessary to approach out of idle curiosity (you remember a saying curiosity of a cat ruined ?) . To you will begin to live better and more simply if you learn in what occasion collecting?

If crowd grew on your way, find a roundabout way or, as a last resort, quietly bypass it on edge where there is less to people.

But if all of you got to crowd, act according to recommendations. Neglecting security measures, you can suffer seriously (at least).

Having appeared in crowd, do not behave aggressively and be not indignant. You incidentally appeared here, so why to state the point of view on the discussed question if it cardinally differs from views of crowd? Except aggression which will cause even more sad actions you will achieve nothing. Therefore the best that you will be able to make - it is a solidary look supposedly you completely share belief of the audience. If necessary support some slogans. Throughout all simulation try to leave quietly and slowly crowd.

If the crowd in which you appeared moves, then and you should move - the main thing to keep balance. Falling, most likely, will lead to the fact that you will be trampled. In advance expecting such turn of events, clasp and fill clothes that there is nothing it was to be hooked, press all objects which appeared at you to a body. In a critical situation in general it is better to get rid of them - in fight for a bag it is possible to lose health or life. Strain forearms and horizontally press them to body sides, clench fists - it will protect from a fracture of edges. If the crowd stands still, be developed so that with two of your neighbors to form shoulders a triangle - it will keep small space for the movement of a thorax.

If you fell - do not panic. To shout and ask about something it is useless. Try to get a sharp jump on feet. If does not leave, try to sit down on hunkers, having extended one leg forward, in the direction of the movement of crowd - the crowd will lift you, the pressure. As a last resort accept a pose embryo - press knees to a stomach, and cover with hands the head - so you will be able to protect vitals.

If tear gas was applied, press a scarf, a scarf, a piece of fabric to the person, and you breathe through it, close eyes (if there is opportunity). Do not rub skin and eyes - it only strengthens a negative effect. Having got out of crowd and of a defeat zone, wash out opening sites of skin and eye flowing cold water.

Peace officers   began to disperse crowd; - do not give in to panic. Leave the line of the movement of running people, be driven into the corner. Do not do sharp movements, you do not shout of the non-participation - it is useless. If police officers were near, raise hands and do not resist (you can receive properly a bludgeon otherwise). If you were detained, behave quietly, indignations and explanations postpone until trial in office.